Trump team made last-ditch effort to delay indictment at Jack Smith meeting: report

Trump team made last-ditch effort to delay indictment at Jack Smith meeting: report

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team sought a meeting with special counsel Jack Smith Thursday with the intent of delaying the grand jury from handing down an indictment, reported CNN.

The meeting came as the grand jury debating the case convened again – and Trump’s lawyers were told to expect an indictment. Ultimately it was not issued Thursday.

“In seeking a meeting with special counsel Jack Smith’s team, former President Donald Trump’s lawyers hoped to at least delay any potential plans for a grand jury to hand up an indictment Thursday,” CNN reported.

It went on: “Trump’s lawyers believe that if the grand jury does not approve an indictment Thursday, the meeting may buy the former president at least a few more weeks.”

“Additionally, the former president’s team hoped to “discuss the logistics of how a potential indictment and arraignment of the former president would work, another source familiar with the legal team’s thinking tells CNN.”

Smith was reportedly present in the room during this discussion, CNN reported.

Trump has famously used delay tactics and motions to push out all manner of criminal and civil litigation as long as possible. Smith would ideally want to hold a trial before the 2024 presidential election.

Trump has already received a target letter in the case, making it extremely likely the jury will ultimately return indictments.

The former president has two other indictments against him — state charges in Manhattan for falsification of business records, and federal charges from Smith’s other investigation, which concerns classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago. That case has already been delayed to next May, with the possibility that Trump could drag it out even further with more procedural motions and complaints.

Another indictment, involving attempts to interfere with the 2020 election result in Georgia, is also expected soon.