Barbiemania Takes Over Russia

Putin may have banned Barbie in Russia as a symbol of the decadent West, but that hasn’t stopped Moscovites and other Russians from clamoring to see Greta Gerwig’s new film.

Source: Business Insider

Russia has been taken over by Barbiemania – even though the movie isn’t being released there as part of a backlash to the invasion of Ukraine.

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” was released internationally on July 21 — but not in Russia, where Warner Bros. and other Western studios abandoned the market when the invasion began in early 2022.

Nonetheless, Russian movie fans and companies are doing their best to take part anyway, showing off their pink outfits and marketing unofficial events to capitalize on the moment.

Some cinemas have been showing new movies anyway, illegally screening high-quality pirated copies — and the same is being planned for Barbie, per local reports.

Ok, so how is it being shown there? Streaming, via VPN. And dubbing pirated copies downloaded from the internet and then shown in movie theatres illegally.

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