What To Do To Prevent The Draining Planter Holes From Clogging

Well, when you do maintain this policy, your plant will be all aerated and will remain healthy at all times. It is very important that you do keep the draining planter holes open and not clogged.On the flip side, when you do not take care of the strenuous planter, this will lead to the water holes at the bottom of the planter clogging. And when they get clogged, they will make the soil stagnant and saturated. Thus killing the plant’s root and the plant itself.

In connection to this, it will kill the plants root. This calls for the highest level of care when coming up with a planter. And some of this key ways to deal with the clogging of the holes are through adding some of the inexpensive materials at the bottom of that planter. When you do add them, it prevents the soil from washing down through the holes and clogging them. Keep reading to know more about the tough planter.

There is also the do and donts in connection with the difficult planter. One of the things is the adage used in those years where people would fill up the tough planters with gravel and stones. This is no longer the case in this century. And the Washington State University Extension Service suggests that you can only put a stone in the hole and then fill up the hole pot with soil. This will protect your whole tough planter form clogging and collect water at the gravels.

You can also use the plastic mesh. Another way that you can make use of to prevent clogging is using the plastic mesh over the drainage hole. Well, if you are wondering the sole purpose of plastic mesh, then keep reading.

The mesh is placed at the bottom of the difficult planter over the holes. This way, when you water the plant, the earth materials will assemble on the mesh but will not get moved away. This becomes a very good method to protect the holes from clogging.

Another method that is very usable is the weed barrier. Most of those persons are not familiar with this option. You will also realize that most persons will end up using various materials at the bottom of the planter. These will include the paper towels tea bags among other materials. On the flip side, these materials will disintegrate very fast and leave the holes gape. Onto the weed barrier, you can get it from the retail nurseries, and it will be placed at the bottom of the planter preventing the soil from washing away.

The weed barrier can be purchased at the retail nurseries at a low price. So, do not just wait for the water to carry away all the soil for you to do something about it. Act now and get that weed barrier.

On the other side, you can also go the custom way where you can buy the drainage made discs from the nursery stores. These are made of coconut fiber or plastic. They will cover the drainage hole preventing water from washing away the soil when you water the plant. Make sure that you use the best available means to protect the holes and prevent clogging.

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