Ways To Combat Bad Foot Odor According To A Leading Podiatrist

The feet have more sweat glands that any other body part. This makes them more prone to omitting bad smells because of skin bacteria as well as perspiration. You need to have a proper defense to ensure that your shoes do not stink, especially when you wear them for a considerable number of hours. Bear in mind that foot odor can taint your image and leave an ugly impression on the people around you.

It is advisable to see your podiatrist to get lasting solutions for your issue. Nevertheless, there are sure tips that one must first apply to see if the concern can go away naturally. First, the need to uphold the best standards of personal cleanness must not be taken lightly. This is a simple tip that can help greatly in stopping the foul stink.

You are likely not to remove all the bacteria on your feet if you simply take a quick rinse with cool water. It is vital for you to thoroughly wash your feet with warm water and antibacterial soap. Give the spaces between your toes special attention and generally ensure that you do a thorough job. It is also vital to dry your feet effectively before you wear shoes.

Cleaning the feet properly is counterproductive if you intend to wear dirty shoes. It remains vital to affirm that your footwear is free of dirt and other microorganisms that also cause bad smells. That said, you need to make certain that your socks, shoes and feet are clean. Generally maintaining good hygiene can help to keep the foul smells at bay.

It makes sense to fine-tune your selection of footwear. In this case, choose your socks carefully and focus on those whose fabrics are moisture-wicking and breathable. You can also decide to wear shoes with open toes or those with a mesh fabric that allows air to freely circulate around the feet. Another important tip is that you should switch your footwear daily and give each pair of shoes adequate time to air out.

Another superb trick that may come in handy is that you should consistently chance your insoles. This will be a cheap thing to do and you simply need to remove the used insoles that are packed with bacteria and sweat and use clean ones each day. If this is not working to stop the feet odor, you can ask your podiatrist for medicated insoles that have antibacterial properties.

If the soles of your feet sweat excessively, applying a deodorizer may help. There are reliable deodorizing powders and antiperspirant sprays that you can depend on. Similar to the armpits, deodorizing the feet can assist in blocking bad odors and reducing perspiration.

The final alternative you can consider is to steer clear of certain foods. In the event where every other trick fails, then you must avoid both spicy foods and alcoholic beverages because they have components that are able to change the smell of your sweat. If nothing changes, see your podiatrist because you may have feet infections or other health issues.

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