Utilizing The Finest Sunless Tan Is Actually Rather Smart

These days, the way to get a super tan is no longer by means of lying gin the blazing sun for hours. A sunless tan is the latest trend and is catching on everywhere. Summer time is great and everyone wants to boast a glowing tone.

Winter time is when you keep as covered up and warm as possible, but when the summer comes you shed those layers and wear as little as possible. This is the season to sport a sunless tan and strapless tops with ultra short shorts. In order to boast the newest fashions it is great to have a super tan. Glowing bodies give you the confidence to wear the latest trends. Being tanned makes you feel slim and sexy.

Nowadays no one wants to lie in the sun for hours as it is far too dangerous. The sun is directly responsible for premature aging and skin cancer. No one wants either of these or the fine winkles which it causes around the eyes and mouth, which is why they use sunless tan.

The use of sunless tan lotions is now available at the many salons that have opened up all over the place. They are very popular and many folk are streaming to them for their glorious glowing looks. At such places you have the choice of two to three methods.

After your first session it will be easy enough to keep up the appearance by doing some home tanning with sunless tan lotions. When it comes to getting the tan at the salon you will be able to choose between the air brush look or the turbine spray. Both methods use sprays which are applied to the skin. The spray is super fine and sticks to the skin giving the glowing tanned look.

To do such sunless tan top ups, you would have to purchase some of the lotion. These are available at the various beauty warehouses in the city and there are many to choose from. You have the option of the sprays, mousses, gels and lotions. It all depends on your personal preference as to which sunless tan you use.

In order to obtain a perfect glowing touch up job with your sunless tan, you would have to go to the local beauty warehouse to choose the right type of lotion according to your personal preference. There are mousses, gels, lotions and spray to choose from in order to get the perfect tan. Although they take a bit of effort, once you have mastered the method you will be set for the summer.

Such a sunless tan will last for approximately 7 days after which the skin will begin to flake off naturally. Remember to wash the hands immediately that you are done as these lotions stain the hands quickly and you may have to use some scrub to get it off. Should the stains remain you may have to use a bit of bleach to remove them. Many people like to do this tanning session t night when they can go to sleep in order to give the lotions the required time to activate on the skin. Sometimes it takes about 8 hours to take full effect.

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