Using The A Self Tan Product During Pregnancy

self tan product during pregnancy

From research that has been carried out over many years, it has been discovered that UV rays of the sun are harmful. This is why many people try to avoid the sun, and rather use a self tan product. These products come in many varieties, such as sprays or creams, and react with the skin’s surface to produce a browner coloring. A person may use a self tan product to avoid damaging their skin from the natural suntan process.

For expectant women, there is the need to still feel beautiful and self tan product is a quick escape. With many available options in the market, it is important to consider the safety of both the mother as a direct user and the developing fetus.

Many people have felt that a sunbed is a safer way to get a tan. Research has been done on their effects as well, and has not revealed much positivity. The beds use the same UV rays as the sun, and therefore have the potential to cause the same problems. There are none of the harmful UV ray effects in a self tan product.

Sunbeds have not been found to be damaging to a unborn child. The mother should still be careful though, as if they are used too often there could be a variety of health problems that are caused that could end up affecting the placenta. If this happens, there will be an effect on the unborn child. A self tan product, however, will not be damaging to the health of the mother or baby.

The intense heat of a sunbed is something else to consider. A fetus, in its very early stage of development, should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. It may also be uncomfortable for her to lie on her back for a long time, and this position is not very good for the baby either, as it reduces the flow of blood to the fetus. For this reason, it is better to consider a self tan product.

Self tan product use has still been considered a safer way for pregnant women to get a skin glow if one chooses to use sprays and self tanning lotions. These are considered safe for use on the skin and since they do not protect against UV rays, sun screen can also be use hand in hand with such products. Sprays and lotions only stain the skin and cannot be absorbed into the body and can therefore be washed away after they serve their purpose.

Sprays are not supposed to be used inside the body and therefore user should exercise caution by covering the eyes and the nose during application. The biggest concern with such products is the use of the main ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone) on the skin pregnancy notwithstanding. It is therefore best and safe to use self tan product professionally at least for the first few months of pregnancy which are considered the most sensitive and important in a fetus’ development.

When a woman is pregnant, she reacts differently to many things. This may be the case with the odor of the self tan product. To a pregnant lady it may be overwhelming. Her skin may also be more sensitive than usual, and then it is best to avoid the use of skin creams. When applying self tan product, it’s recommended for her to first test the cream on a hidden part of her body.

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