Understanding Reasons For Legal Paternity Testing

When it comes to DNA testing, there are a number of reasons individuals may wish to do so. While providing DNA to companies which provide information on ancestry and heritage is currently quite popular, there are other reasons such as legal paternity testing which can have both positive and negative connotations for those involved.

When being used in this way, the process involves genetic fingerprinting in order to confirm whether or not biological markers prove the two individuals are related. The most accurate tests rate at ninety-nine percent accuracy and use DNA matching to establish proof that there is a genetic match. Whereas, mothers can now request a maternity test to prove that the individual is the birth mother of a child.

Paternal DNA tests can also provide information as to the likelihood of grandparents having a biological connection to grandchildren. While new DNA tests are often considered the most accurate, there are older methods which are still used to prove biological relationships. These include ABO blood group typing, using leukocyte antigen antigens or by analyzing enzymes and proteins between the two individuals.

Current DNA related tests include polymerase chain reaction or PCR and polymorphism or RLFP. Whereas, paternity testing can now also take place during pregnancy. In this case, DNA from the father is matched against that of the unborn child to prove whether or not there is match.

The legal issues associated with such testing can be extremely complex with different rules depending on the country in which an individual or individuals reside. As such, when obtaining a DNA Paternity test for legal reasons it is important to use a reputable firm which has been approved to work in this area. For, there is a specific DNA percentage test which follows a strict chain of custody used in this process.

In most cases, companies providing such tests can be found online or in local directories. While this is the case, when looking for tests with regards to legal reasons, it is important to use a reputable firm with a history of accuracy. It should also be noted that those seeking a test for legal reasons must also provide multiple forms of identification as often required by law.

The evidence necessary must be extremely clear with the ability to convince a judge or other official the results are accurate. In fact, the evidence must be even more convincing than most provided during a civil litigation case. As such, the results must provide accuracy beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual and child are related before any legal action such as adoption can be finalized.

Authorities working in the area of immigration in different countries have been requesting DNA matches for petitioners of asylum and relatives. In most cases, those submitting to these requests are doing so on a voluntary basis. While this is the case, there is a lot of fear that if this becomes routine, the process will be misused and a number of people will be lost in the system and never reunited with parents, friends or relatives.

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