Types Of Back Pain Sciatica Treatment Conroe Texas

Sciatic back pains are caused when sciatic nerves, herniated disk or bone spurs are compressed. This discomfort manifests itself differently on different kinds of people. In some people, this condition causes tingling, weakness and numbness of the feet while in others it causes sharp painful discomforts. There are many effective remedies for this condition depending on the intensity of the condition. This article will discuss different kinds of back pain sciatica treatment Conroe Texas.

One method of dealing with this condition is through physical therapy supervised by a qualified therapist. The therapist should come up with a safe exercise and stretch routine schedule for their patients. They should also ensure that they help their patients improve their posture. This is very essential because it helps to reduce the inflammation by relieving the pressure on the nerves compressed by the herniated disk.

Several days of complete bed rest may be effective in dealing with this condition. Three or four days of total bed rest may help relieve the inflammation. However, this method works best if the patient will lie on a firm flat surface like a tough mattress or the floor. This helps in relieving the pressure from the compressed herniated disk.

Another effective remedy for this condition is the use of hot and cold packs. A physician may prescribe to the patient cold and hot packs to remedy the condition. These packs are used each pack interchangeably at a time. The physician recommends the patient to apply each pack for several minutes on the lower part of their back several times each day starting with the cold pack for the first few days, then the hot pack.

Medicinal drugs can also be effective in curing this condition. Over the counter, painkillers can be very effective in dealing with inflammations of this kind by suppressing the pain. However, if this condition persists, the patient should go for stronger anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer drugs. Injection of the drug directly on the affected area may also help relieve the discomfort.

An alternative method of dealing with this condition is through discectomy. This is basically a simple surgical procedure done to remove either the herniated disk or bone spur that has compressed the sciatic nerve. This procedure seeks to reduce the inflammation by the nerve to completely eliminate the discomfort. This procedure is very simple, and the patient can be discharged after it is done.

Laminectomy can also be used to deal with this condition. This surgical procedure should also be done by a professional surgeon. The surgeon operates on the patient to remove the lamina and the tissues around the inflammation that cause the pressure on the nerve. This procedure is quite sensitive, and the doctor may decide to keep the patient for several days to observe their progress.

Another remedy for this condition is alternative therapies and exercise. Some forms of alternative therapies like yoga, massage and acupuncture help relieve inflammations on the lower back. Also taking short distance walks and regular stretching can be very helpful in dealing with this condition. These remedies are not necessarily recommended by physicians.

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