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Acupuncture has its origin of use dating back over 2500 years. Originating from China, many countries have now embraced it as an alternative medicine. As a remedy to clinical problems in the healthcare system, it thrives on existence of energy patterns known as Qi in Chinese. These energy patterns are crucial to the proper functioning and health condition of the human body. When in search of Chiropractic Clinics Wilmington should be given priority.

Disruption of the flow of Qi in the body causes health deterioration and acupuncture as a remedy restores the flow of Qi back to normal. A specialist who has specialization in this field of medicine is called an acupuncturist. Restoration of Qi to normal state can only be done at specific points which are easily identified on the body by a knowledgeable acupuncturist.

The acupuncture process as a method of treatment was barely known and practiced in the United States. This process was adopted in the ear 1972 after the visit to china nation by the then president of the US Richard Nixon. That visit was followed by the development of interest in the practice by the American and Europeans which led to its adoption.

A handful of countries like Australia have blended it into their education curriculum. A degree program in many universities is now offered on acupuncture practise in Australia with the same applying to the US, Germany, and the UK. Following the milestone in its adoption, the practice of this system of medicine is headed for acceptance to be used worldwide.

There is the development of machines and equipment to aid in the whole process. In fact, the needles required for this process are presently available in store for purchasing. This is similar to the cups used in upping and the platform in which the whole process is to be conducted. The application of technology in the treatment process has made it more efficient and better. The whole process has become safer than before.

This system exists as a family of procedures that the acupuncturist performs on the patient. The procedures entail stimulation of anatomical locations on the skin of the patient using a variety of techniques and equipment. Diagnosis and treatment is done using various approaches that originated from ancient health system of Asian countries like Korea, China, and Japan among other countries.

From the various common approaches to treatment, one in particular has been widely practiced and studied on a higher scope contrary to the rest. It involves using thin, metallic needles to puncture the skin at specific points and manipulating the needle by hand or electrical means. The result of this skillful manipulation is recovery of normal Qi flow patterns in the body, thus treating the ailment.

The US FDA does not classify the needles used by acupuncture specialists in this system as medical equipment. This consensus was reached after reviewing knowledge on the body available to them at that time about the whole process. Nevertheless, needles just like hypodermic syringes and medical scalpels are still regulated. Standards are to be met regarding their production and sterility. That means that producers must adhere to FDA standards in their production practices in the same way that acupuncturists must follow set procedures regarding the use of medical equipment.

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