The Importance Of Black Mental Health

It goes without saying, but the stigma or racism is still very much alive these days. It totally depends on the individual goings on and undertakings in each persons life, may it be an ongoing experience or an offshoot of historical perspectives. Anyhow, statistics show that African Americans are very much liable to take the brunt of unique challenges, which explains the distinctions of the term black mental health.

If one is born in a racial or cultural minority, discrimination is not a new and strange idea. At a tender age, they might already have been initiated into this actuality through the daily news, perhaps, or though hearsays from family and peers, thats if they havent experienced it firsthand themselves, even if it was through strangers. To well adjusted individuals, it may be incomprehensible, but sooner or later, its something that all of us ultimately grasp the concept of.

Its saying something about the twenty first century that racism is officially established as an unpleasant and intolerable idea. However, theres no way of controlling and surveying each and every individual interaction of the denizens. Especially in this hyper globalized world and the prevalence of social media, everyone at least is sure to come across some rotten apple.

Therefore, certain well meaning individuals have built an enterprise that caters specifically to blacks and other racial minorities. As per their mission, they aim to educate and inspire vulnerable persons from vulnerable communities. This undertaking is no doubt an effort to overturn undesirable statistics which relegates African Americans to the sidelines when it comes to receiving according treatment on mental and psychological issues and some such.

More specifically, the historical adversity undergone by African Americans, from slavery to the more recent socioeconomic, health, and educational exclusion from the twentieth century has translated to impregnable perceptions of disparity. Altogether, and if we were to take Maslows Hierarchy of Needs seriously, the lack of these givens may result in a downturn of self actualization, namely issues in ones mental state. Its not at all far fetched to assume that people who are discriminated, impoverished, and some such, are at higher risks for poor psychological well being.

If we were to build upon Maslows quintessential Hierarchy of Needs, then it might be said that these experiences refused certain Blacks from achieving self actualization, that which could be emotionally or mentally burdensome to their well being. Compound that with the cumulative feelings of exclusion, discrimination, and the actualities of poverty, and we are painted an extremely bleak picture.

The BMHA, which is an alliance for education and consultation for BMH, is a regional and social membership and advocacy non profit organization. It means to provide an authoritative forum which aims to promote relevant approaches to health access and the like. The BMHA aims to engage healthcare professionals in a licensed, and service oriented practice to its patients.

Severe forms of mental conditions result from unmet needs and other insuperable barriers. Nearly seven million black Americans have been reported to suffer diagnosable mental conditions. Compared to Caucasians, African Americans have lower rates of use outpatient mental health services, and accordingly have more barriers in seeking treatments.

Without the essential specialized support, the disenfranchised will have more complications when it comes to acting out their coping mechanisms. Especially with the cultural mannerisms of blacks in terms of ideas about openness in acknowledging their need for help seeking, its no wonder how many dont receive the help they need. Accordingly, they also need an innate understanding of the unique experiences of a group of people who by dint of unique perspectives and treatment, are exposed to unique emotions and experiences.

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