The Best Self Tanning Lotions Give You Great Tans Without The Danger

The sun’s UV rays may produce a lovely tan however they can also do considerable damage to the skin, which causes premature aging and even skin cancer. Yet people still desire the look of a sexy, bronzed tan, which is where using the best self tanning lotions comes in. These products are the perfect solution for achieving a deeper skin tone for those who are naturally fair or simply don’t want to risk harming their skin.


It can be confusing for someone who has never bought such a product before to pick one since more companies than ever before have jumped on the sunless tanning bandwagon and are all claiming that their product is better than the rest. Searching for some online reviews of various self tanners is a good way to get some idea as to which are worth trying and which ones are not. Sticking with natural formulas that moisturize and nourish the skin while producing a lovely, natural color is the best bet, as no one wants to look “orange”.

These products are available in various forms including sprays, mousses, and lotions, but the latter are generally easiest to apply, especially for those using them for the first time. Lotions tend to go on more smoothly and is not as difficult to apply them evenly, thus preventing streaks. Whichever type is used, it’s best to wear dark colored clothing following application in case some of the product wears off onto the fabric.

The active ingredient found is the majority of these formulas is known as DHA or dihydroxyacetone. A naturally-derived substance which comes from sugar, DHA creates the appearance of darker pigmentation by reacting with the skin’s uppermost layer of cells. This tan usually lasts as long as one week. Products claiming to produce a darker tan normally contain a greater concentration of DHA.

Before applying the tanner, doing a full-body exfoliation is recommended for several days. Any areas of tough, dry skin should be given extra attention, sloughing them off will prevent darker patches from forming when the tanning lotion is applied. This will ensure an even, natural-looking coat of color throughout the entire body.

A colored tint is blended in with many sunless tanning products in order to make it easier for people to apply it to their skin. If not enough or an excessive amount has been applied it will show up more easily so streaks will be less likely. The tint is temporary though, washing away after bathing, the DHA is responsible for the true color.

It looks strange if the color is absorbed by the palms of the hands, so either use plastic gloves or to wipe off and wash the hands promptly afterwards. One will likely need another person to assist when it comes to applying tanner to the back, and the face should either be avoided or a special tanner made for facial use applied with care.

Some users complain about the odor of sunless tanning formulas which can hang about for days, but these are typically the inferior, artificial blends that produce this issue. Naturally-based product lines are pleasantly scented and this light aroma fades in a few minutes in most cases anyhow.

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