Sun Lab Tanning Products Are Highly Desired

When skin cancer loomed its ugly head around the corner and the fatality rate associated with ultraviolet rays became a medical concern, consumers all over the world began tanning differently. In order to emulate the tans of their favorite celebrities people began buying sunless merchandise and soon Sun Lab tanning products became a well recognized..

Having a tan is a fashion statement that millions of westerners have a zeal for. It is the example that many celebrities set that creates many of today’s trends. Whole industries were built in order to meet the demands of tanners. The dangers of radioactive ultraviolet rays didn’t much slow down the craze, instead new products were created to cater to a growing demand.

Sun Laboratories has been around for over thirty years and has been producing some of the most popular sunless products on the market. Created as a safe method of keeping up with the tan trend, Sun Lab tanning merchandise soon became a rising star among it’s user and a leading manufacturer as well as distributor of skin care related products.

Sun Lab tanning merchandise covers items that the traditional sunbather or lamp bather may like also. Accelerators are lotions that amplify the effect of UV rays so that the skin may tan faster and darker than is naturally possible. Sun Lab tanning products make a line of products that start consumers off in the bathing process, follow them into the tanning phase and finally cool them down with some gels.

Besides their skin care products Sun Lab tanning products really are known for their sunless applications. It was on these products that the Sun Laboratories started and grew it’s reputation. Sun Lab tanning products include sunless tanners in many forms. Sun Lab tanning items can come in the form of a spray, gel, lotion, liquid, or towelette.

Sun Lab tanning products are not harmful to human beings. The active ingredients in Sun Lab tanning sunless merchandise is a temporary dye that’s derived from sugar. The dye reacts with amino acids in the top-most layer of the skin and has a temporary coloring effect on it. Sun Laboratories still suggests that a sensitivity test be administered on a small patch of skin prior to use in order to spot allergies in individuals.

The top-most dermal layer is made up of dead skin cells and skin cells that are dying. People shed these skin cells on a regular basis, particularly in the shower or when perspiring. It is for this reason that sunless applications only last up to a week and then begin to fade. Sun Lab tanning directions typically advise users to exfoliate well in order to get optimum results.

Following exfoliation, in order to receive the best results, Sun Laboratories manuals and directions always supply the warning that areas with rough skin should have sparing applications of Sun Lab tanning products. Other than the occasional human error, Sun Lab tanning products are regarded as one of the best in the world.

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