Standards For Hot Yoga Teacher Training DC

When it comes to exercise and meditation, there are a number of options. While this is the case, different types of yoga have become popular over the last few decades. As a result, hot yoga teacher training DC and other forms of the practice are now accepting students and teachers. For, there are a number of OHYA studios which are currently in need of teachers.

Teachers interested in leading classes or being included in the Original Hot Yoga Association or OHYA Directory require approval before teaching a course. For, the OHYA has a strong commitment to promote and support hot yoga. While extremely popular around the world, the practice is also known as the 26 & 2 method.

The primary purpose of OHYA is to train new leaders which can excel and integrate at current and future studios sponsored by organization. As a result, individuals seeking to lead courses need to meet some specific standards as defined by the organization. Whereas, students whom have graduated are required to complete an internship at an OHYA studio.

Once having graduated, OHYA studios which are part of the organization often hire individuals which have graduated from OHYA sponsored programs, received a Level 1 Seal in the OHYA directory and completed an internship. It should be noted that there is a zero tolerance policy related sexual harassment or other improper behavior. As such, if individuals experience improper behavior, it is important to call local police, then file a report with the OHYA as soon as possible.

For individuals whom are not sure a program qualifies one to apply for the OHYA Teacher Directory, verification can be completed by contacting the OHYA by email. While this is the case, there may be a need to complete an additional bridge program before the teacher can be listed.

When looking to teach at OHYA studios, it is important to note that individuals must first obtain approval from the organization. In addition, those interested must also adhere to specific standards as laid out by the OHYA. Most standards refer to teaching methods such as providing instructions in a concise and clear manner, directing activities which are related to the topic and connecting with students on a professional and personal basis.

Making students feel safe, stable, welcome and comfortable, providing evaluations on the ability of students to receive constructive criticism, leading from the front of the class using a desk or podium, encouraging newcomers, connecting with students before, during and after class, controlling the air flow, heat and oxygen in the classroom on an ongoing basis and teaching students to empower and heal oneself and others are also essential when leading an OHYA program.

Whether attending a OHYA training session for teachers, or teaching classes, both can be rewarding. It is important to note that those training teachers often spend more time in the classroom than traditional yoga teachers. As such, attending courses focused on teaching others how to teach can often require individuals with a flexible schedule.

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