Reputable Folsom Hair Salon Lists Down Care Tips For Bleach Blonde Locks

Bleach blonde locks rock and they remain a trending style that is in the beauty world to stay. If you have opted to follow suit and get your hair bleached, you need to also understand the cost of maintaining the magnificent appearance of your tresses. What makes ultra-light curls breathtaking is the simple fact that they draw attention to ones facial features and this should make it easier for you to boast of your good personal style. A dependable Folsom hair salon can offer you proficient stylists who can team up with you to keep your bleached locks strong and healthy.

A proper hair care routine will ascertain that your curls are not at risk of damage. There are practices you need to avoid and those that you must uphold in between professional salon appointments. The first, yet most important thing you must do is to keep your tresses hydrated at all times.

To change the natural pigment of hair, the cuticles have to expand and allow oxidative agents to take effect. This leaves the cortex exposed, meaning that your locks will be at higher risk of damage. The outer cuticle will also be removed and your locks may lose moisture more rapidly. You must therefore make it a trend to use masks as well as hydrating conditioners that can restore the moisture balance of your tresses and prevent them from getting overly brittle and dry.

Getting the edges trimmed will also be important. A proficient stylist can identify strands with split ends and get them trimmed to prevent the tear from traveling upwards and reaching the root. You must protect your tresses from fraying for them to remain healthy and strong.

Washing hair is good. This helps to remove oil build-up and dust. Even so, you should avoid washing your bleach blonde tresses on a daily basis. Shampooing also strips the hair follicles of essential oils and grease that this will further rob the strands of the much-needed moisture. For you to keep your locks properly hydrated, you should only wash them not more than four times each week.

A color application service will boost the curb appeal of your mane. You should, however, embrace that this will also make your locks fragile, making them more susceptible to needless damage. For you to further protect the curls, you should not depend on hot styling tools such as hair dryers, curling wands, tongs and flat irons.

Taming the mane is no easy feat, especially when you have to skip using heat-producing styling tools. Fortunately, you can still use these tools from time to time, as long as you first apply a heat protectant spray. As your stylist to recommend the best products to use while at home.

Irrespective of the hair color you want to apply, getting the job done by a competent stylist is important. Bear in mind that how an application is done will also determine the level of damage your tresses will be vulnerable to. Take the time to do a keen research that is focused on finding a professional that can partner with you in keeping your locks beautiful, strong and healthy.

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