Relief With Homeopathic Cold Remedies

Homeopathy offers safe, effective, and fast-acting relief for many of the ills that people suffer. Although the ‘science’ of homeopathy does not encourage symptom relieving as the main focus of treatment, many people use it that way. Homeopathic cold remedies are wonderful aids to getting through the cold and flu season with as little trouble as possible.

Homeopathy was a major form of medicine before the discovery of penicillin and the development of pharmaceuticals. Probably only herbal teas and topicals are older. Many people still use the remedies today. In the USA, all homeopathic formulas are regulated by the Federal Drug Administration. Based on the theory that ‘like cures like’, homeopathy prescribes, for example, the essence of onion (allium) for symptoms that the thing itself causes: runny nose, watering eyes.

Another key to the efficacy of the remedies, as the preparations are called, is that the amount of active ingredient in each one is truly minute. In fact, the amount of an herb, a mineral, or any other substance in a tablet might not be observable under a microscope. This leads many to deny any benefit to this kind of therapy. Millions around the world beg to differ, however, including members of royalty, doctors and chiropractors, and athletes.

The creator of this branch of medicine, as well as those who practice and use it, adhere to the principle which says that a physician must ‘do no harm’ in treating a patient. The remedies in the over-the-counter potency available to the general public are totally safe. They are effective on people of all ages, as well as on animals, which negates the idea that they have only a placebo effect.

Tissue salts are made from milk sugar and minerals found in human tissue. These are safe even for young children, and many parents wouldn’t dream of giving their children ibuprofen, known to have the potential to harm internal organs. Ferr phos keeps a fever under control, while allowing the rise in internal temperature to function as an infection fighter.

Tissue salts come in 6X, a low potency dose. Nat mur helps regulate water and is helpful for runny noses and eyes. Kali phos 6X is often used for coughs, relieving even the croup in many cases. Ferr phos and Silica are considered nutritive as well, helping build up the body and the immune system. Silica is good for those who suffer from allergies.

Consumers have made some homeopathic cold formulas so popular that conventional pharmacies and grocery stores carry them. If you look, you will find homeopathy on the shelves under names you might even recognize. It comes in liquid formulas, tablets (called pellets in the industry), and lozenges.

Treating colds with homeopathy is safe and effective. Those who wish to avoid chemical formulas have a wide choice of products for unpleasant symptom relief. Go online to find more information on this kind of medicine and to see customer reviews of products on the market. It’s nice to have some safe alternatives in your arsenal to fight winter’s ills.

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