Options For Shingles Rash Treatment

Shingles, a disease caused by the same virus as Chicken Pox, is most often accompanied by a rash. It can cause itching and a burning pain and may result in blisters that can leave behind scars, especially if not treated to reduce the itchiness. Other symptoms can include fever and headache, fatigue, and, in some people, a sensitivity to light. While there is no cure for shingles, there are shingles rash treatment options that can help alleviate symptoms.

A cooling oatmeal bath is helpful to sooth the skin, help with the rash, and speed healing. Most people have oatmeal in the home and it is a simple, effective and inexpensive treatment. Pouring loose oatmeal into a bath is messy and may clog up the drain. This can be prevented by pouring the oatmeal into a stocking or sock, and tying it up. Let it float in the bath, or softly rub it over the areas affected for direct relief. In combination with cool water, this can be repeated as often as desired.

Topical pain creams and over the counter pain medications may manage discomfort and help relieve uncomfortable symptoms. Check with a pharmacist or physician before combining these because if they contain the same medication there is risk of taking more than the recommended dosage and that can be dangerous.

If taken within the first seventy two hours of the start of the shingles virus, antiviral medication may shorten the course of the disease. At the first sign of symptoms, visit a doctor for conformation and advice, and discuss this option to be sure it is right for you and that it is started as soon as possible. While not a cure, it has helped some patients in reducing the severity of symptoms and helping shorten the course of the virus.

Certain topical creams that can numb the affected areas may with pain. Available either by prescription from a physician or over the counter, they can be used in conjunction with other remedies as directed by a doctor. An anti-inflammatory cream can also be prescribed that may reduce swelling and severity of the rash.

Sometimes the rash can be so painful that people are very uncomfortable with clothing on. Wearing soft clothes made from natural fibers, that are loose fitting may be of benefit. When able, leave the rash uncovered to reduce irritation. This may also assist in keeping any blisters dry and from sticking to clothing.

Taking an antihistamine may be of aid in that it can reduce itchiness. Scratching the rash can increase pain, swelling and the likelihood of scarring. Over the counter options are available or it can be obtained through prescription by a doctor.

Remedies that shorten the duration and relieve pain are especially useful for shingles. Because there is no cure, it is important to find ways that will help shorten the duration of the virus and alleviate with the symptoms. It is always best to get the advice of a doctor or pharmacist when it comes to medications, and be sure to bring a list of everything that is currently being taken as well as anything that is a consideration, as some combinations can make the symptoms worse.

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