Online Transcription Services Using Audio Files

Whether working in a traditional capacity or online, transcriptionists are often in high demand. While this is the case, there are now a number of different disciplines in which online transcription services can be beneficial. Whether a doctor, lawyer, professor or other professional, most need assistance with transcription at some point in a career.

In most cases, transcriptionists are often good at converting information through live or recorded speech into a document. Most often, services work with medical professionals, legal entities and business organizations. Whereas, creative writers and poets have been known to hire individuals to transcribe a number of audio files or written pages into book form.

For, with the advent of computers, now individuals transcribing information from an audio file can type the information into a MS Word, Word Perfect or other word processing file which can later be revised without the need to retype the entire document. While this is the case, there are still some individuals whom prefer to speak into a Dictaphone and have an administrative assistant or clerical worker transcribe the information from a traditional Dictaphone into written or electronic text.

When using a service, most ask that information be processed on a cassette, CD or VHS. While this is the case, most actually prefer audio files which can be sent back and forth over email. Whereas, in others, individuals are now starting to use programs such as Google Drive, in which parties can share and edit a document from different locations.

Rates for this type service are often billed hourly, weekly, monthly or by page count. In most cases, services have faster turn-around times. Whereas, individuals being paid an hourly wage are often tempted to take things a bit slower so as to make more money over the course of a project.

When it comes to hiring an individual or service, it is important to know rates in advance. For, there are a number of different ways in which individuals working in this area have been known to charge clients. While this is the case, services working with nonprofits, trade associations courts, meeting planners and governmental agencies often charge more than others.

Before the time of the internet, secretaries often had to take dictation, most often using the Gregg style of shorthand in the past. Then, in the 1970s, the job became easier through the use of cassettes. After which, individuals started typing from audio files rather than written pages in order to transcribe more quickly. For, most individuals working as transcriptionists are fast typists. As such, it can often take far less time to listen and type than it can when attempting to read a number of pages with different handwriting styles while typing.

The jobs of transcriptionists became even easier once the first Xerox 860 electronic word processor with a disc drive was born. For, individuals could then create, format, type and edit documents without having to retype the material on a typewriter. Then, with the establishment of email and the internet, individuals could begin sending attachments back and forth through email. Whereas, the newest trend is to share and edit documents through Google Drive, the Cloud, Dropbox and other similar platforms.

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