New Bathroom Remodel Troy Ny Trends In 2015

2014 has seen bathroom designers expand their imaginations to create dazzling bathrooms. Such innovation is expected to flow into 2015 for more personalized, elegant, multifunctional and exclusive bathrooms all because of bathroom remodel troy ny. There is great blending of luxury and individualized service to make bath times even better.

Bathrooms are looking more or less than living rooms giving a great ambiance and comfortable furniture to sit on. The fine details are also catching the designers eyes. Great styling has been blended with beautiful lighting to make one long for that water party. Here are some hot trends one could make use of when remodeling his or her bathroom in Troy NY.

Multi-colored floor tiles will be a trend to watch in 2015. The old white floors are soon to be replaced by the striking floor tiles. While adding elegance to bathroom, they do not overwhelm the space. They also give life to otherwise boring bathroom. They are easy to install and do not require an overhaul of the whole bathroom.

Many bathrooms have been painted white for long as it looked elegant. There were few decorations that were added to that wall. This thinking has been overtaken by changing tastes to shades of gray, blue and beige. Solid earth colors are also making an entry. In addition, sleek shiny black tiles are replacing the usual white subway tiles. The new tiles are bolder, add fun and adds mood to the bathroom

In addition, red and golden fine details have been added to bathrooms. This gives the feel of a real life spa oozing with energy and warmth. The classic decorations are not to be left behind. There will be blending of the classic designs with bold art decor, oriental decorations retro styles with contemporary minimalist styles. Glass and mirrors are also making a comeback in 2015, this time; they will be blended with solid surfaces for a bold look.

Taking a shower is now a trend on itself. You will find yourself taking showers severally whether you need to or not. If you think critically, you may find that the essence of having a water party pull you to the bathroom. This is the thinking behind the disappearance of bathtubs. This frees a lot of space for a huge shower. You will find oversize glass panes and solid walls that enclosure large spaces rather than a small room you call the bathroom.

To make bathrooms even more enticing, the walk in showers are coming in door less curb less designs sporting just a simple glass enclosure. This makes them more accessible. Some designers are not removing bathtubs entirely. Instead, they are replaced by stand-alone bathtubs together with spa-jet tubs and serene soaking tubs. The tubs are the sculptured in great aesthetic looks to relax the mood and give the motivation for some little self-indulgence.

Smart fixtures are also taking bathrooms by storm and replacing common basic fixtures. These include hand showers, multiple water source mixers, and thermostatic mixers among others. There is more control of water flow as well as the mix and temperature. Common materials used include copper, brass, bronze and nickel.

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