Managing Night Sweats Via Hormone Replacement Therapy Boise ID Menopausal Women May Undergo

There are so many different pesky symptoms that are associated with menopause. One of the most commonly reported one is having hot flashes. The sudden feeling of warmth in the upper part of the body that’s often accompanied by flushing and heart palpitations, too, can strike at any given time or day. When hot flashes show up at bedtime, excessive sweating at night occurs. Definitely, a woman who is in the menopausal stage may fail to get a good night’s sleep if she’s feeling feverish and sweaty all over. The good news is night sweats can be effectively managed via HRT or hormone replacement therapy Boise ID menopausal women may undergo.

Health authorities cannot stress enough the importance of having 7 to 9 hours of restorative sleep every single night. That’s because getting sufficient amounts of quality sleep is very important for the maintenance of optimum health. Failure to have enough shut eye can in fact increase a person’s risk of suffering from an assortment of health nightmares.

It’s especially a must for menopausal females to get lots of sleep. The different symptoms of menopause, otherwise, can get aggravated. As an example, women may go through intense mood swings all the time. They may also find themselves consuming lots of foods, in particular those that are laden with processed sugar and unhealthy type of fat.

The problem with being in the menopausal stage is suffering from insomnia is always a possibility. Often, it’s brought about by having those annoying night sweats. In some instances the problem can make it hard for women to fall asleep upon hopping in bed. There are times in which the issue can wake them up in the middle of the night.

Either way, the fact remains that encountering too much sweating at nighttime is a total sleep saboteur. It can be associated with hot flashes, something regarded as typical menopause symptom. Health authorities confirm that as much as 80 percent of menopausal females complain of hot flashes. What’s really exasperating about hot flashes is that they can also show up at bedtime. Such is what triggers those night sweats to strike.

While there are so many effective home remedies available for night sweats, doing them is not enough at times. For instance, a lot of women remain sleep deprived despite of lowering the temperature of the room and quitting cigarette smoking. That is why many simply prefer to undergo a treatment called HRT.

HRT entails the administration of certain hormones. Sometimes it’s just estrogen, other times estrogen is paired with progesterone. The goal of HRT is to restore normal balance of hormones in the body of a menopausal woman.

Unfortunately, HRT is associated with certain side effects and risks. For instance the treatment is not intended for women who used to have breast cancer. It’s also contraindicated for those who have a history of blood clot, stroke, heart attack or heart disease. A woman who is thinking about having HRT for managing excessive sweating at night and the other symptoms of menopause should carefully discuss the pros and cons of the treatment with her doctor.

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