Knowing The Pros And Cons Of Tanning Indoors Using Sun Self Tanner Lotion

sun labs self tanner lotion

You can look more attractive instantly by sporting an olive complexion. It also makes you appear skinny. However, sitting in the sun just to obtain that dazzling tone isn’t recommendable, unless your goal is to have skin cancer. Fortunately, you may grab a bottle of Sun self tanner lotion, a topical product that can promote skin darkening without involving sunlight.

The use of Sun self tanner lotion offers so many advantages. This does not mean that no disadvantages are around. If you are considering to try indoor tanning anytime soon, continue reading. Below you can find some of its pros and cons.

Thanks to Sun self tanner lotion, getting a delightful complexion becomes risk-free. The product is saving so many tan fanatics from ending up with skin cancer. Health authorities classify UV rays from the sun as carcinogens. By turning your back on sunbathing and going for Sun self tanner lotion, you are considerably reducing the chances of having the disease.

The whole point of getting a bronzed complexion is to make you look more beautiful. Sunbathing to have that gorgeous golden brown tone is actually disadvantageous. It’s because too much sun exposure causes premature aging signs like fine lines and liver spots to show up. Definitely, these things can easily overshadow a fabulous tan. Using Sun self tanner lotion helps prevent the early appearance of these unattractive aging signs, allowing you to be young-looking for as long as possible.

There are ingredients found in the Sun self tanner lotion that provide skin nourishment. What’s more, you will be forced to apply your favorite hand and body moisturizer on a regular basis. Such is recommended to make the fake tan stick around for days. During the process, your skin ends up soft and supple because the cells are constantly hydrated.

The use of Sun self tanner lotion also brings down the cost of obtaining a tan and maintaining it. Having a Sun self tanner lotion bottle at home saves you from the need to constantly visit a local salon for a fake airbrush or spray tan. By purchasing your supply on the internet as well as getting your hands on promo codes, you can enjoy lots of savings.

Certain cons are also involved with the use of Sun self tanner lotion. Just because you are getting a tan indoors doesn’t mean that it has to look fake. Proper application of the product is very important if you want a bronzed complexion that looks so real. Otherwise, you will end up with streaks that can definitely attract attention in a negative way. The skin also tends to give off a funny smell. This happens while the product’s active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is springing into action.

Applying sunscreen has to be done each time you go outside during daytime. The Sun self tanner lotion cannot alter the pigments in the epidermis. It works by chemically reacting with dead skin cells, leaving them brown. The product does not increase the amount of melanin in your skin, which means you may be more vulnerable to those dangerous UV rays.

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