Is Pruning Your Garden In Autumn A Good Idea

If you are thy type of person who is very passionate at growing plants at your property, you certainly love the gardening activity. Many individuals are into that as well and you could not blame them with that. As a matter of fact, gardening brings some health benefits such as improving your mood and giving you some Vitamin D exposure. Aside from that, it also improve the aesthetics of the environment and clean the air quality. It still has other benefits though, making other persons wanting it. However, too much taking care of their garden alike doing fall pruning Thomaston will lead them to something bad.

Every gardener or those people who are very interested about the lives of plants know how pruning is very crucial. It is actually the way of maintaining the established plants in its good condition and also a way of protecting them as well as your property and property from hazards, especially those unwanted pests. The process goes on removing the dead parts from a plant or also trimming it for better aesthetic and development.

With this method, plants will certainly grow healthier for the rotten portions are being removed from them. It also act as a pest deterrent so pests will not damage your garden and cause some infestation. In addition, it serves as protection for the people around you. When storm occurs, broken branches may scatter and it might harm those persons who are just passing by your area.

It does have many benefits. With that, many would certainly be tempted to prune at their garden during autumn season. However, is that the right time to get your pruning tools and do the work? Perhaps the raking as well as mulching had made those individuals do it. But one should remember that autumn is not the best season to prune.

Knowing the benefits listed, it could be an ironic to you on why you should not do that. But imagine that when you trim a plant, you also are inflicting some wound on it. And if you do that during fall season, the wounds will take longer to heal unlike on spring and summer.

Plus the next season would be winter. Cold seasons could not make those wounds heal faster since the energy of a plant will be more focused on its roots. Therefore, if you prune it, those cuts will certainly not heal, leaving your plant more vulnerable to many hazards.

If that is the case, then what shall you do during autumn? Of course you still have to do some maintenance. Raking as well as mulching will do better for your plants. Mulching can help plants in gathering some nutrients. Aside from that, you should also remove those dead parts instead of leaving it like that.

Deep watering can also help. It might be tough for them to get water from winter from the cold grounds. It could be helpful for the trees. Aside from that, you may resume pruning on the late winter or perhaps during early spring.

The main rule is that fall is not a good time for you to do pruning at your garden. In that case, you should wait for another months. Unless you want those plants to die instead.

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