Important Reasons Why You Should Use Dark Fake Tan Products For Your Skin

Though many may not know why tanning is important, there is always a premise for it. To start with, you need protection from the dangerous sunrays. Not only do the UV rays damage the skin, they can cause skin cancer and result in unprecedented medical expenditure or even death. This is why most people want a dark fake tan to protect their skins. There are many methods of tanning such as sun beds, self-tanning and sunbathing.


Though there are several things that contribute to the wide use of self-tanners, their effectiveness and efficiency bring the difference. The results are usually within a shorter period and produce the best and longest dark tan. To help you make informed choice though, you must know the various categories of dark fake tan sunless tanners. These range from dark fake tan lotions to dark fake tan pills without forgetting some dark fake tan accelerators.

There are subcategories of tanning lotions too. For example there are; accelerators, bronzers, tingle and coolants. These lotions have specific qualities which are helpful in choosing a self-tanner. For instance, tingle lotion will work by improving your blood circulation to achieve tanning easily.

On the other hand, dark fake tan accelerators (the most popular of the lotions) work through their active ingredients to boost melanin production from dead skin cells. The process involves the active ingredient acting on the amino acids found on the said dead cells. They achieve tanning faster and thus do not require familiarity with indoor tanning procedures.

Mostly, bronzers are used to fasten the tanning process and achieve the darkest fake tan. In cases where tanning beds are used, a dark fake tan coolant will come in handy. Not only does it cool your body and keep you skin moisturized after a tanning session but also is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin.

While most of these dark fake tan lotions are cheap and portable, you must be careful when choosing. A wise choice of lotion means you go for a reputable lotion with good reviews from other users. It also means you would prefer products with natural ingredients over chemicals to ensure maximum but safe tanning.

Application of the dark fake tan lotion is another challenge confronting new users. It is advisable that you restrict yourself to the procedures of the manufacturer while tanning. It is also in order to have all the necessary materials before you start tanning. For instance, ensure that the mirror and hair binders among other materials are available. It also follows that you have the correct moisturizers and dark fake tan self-tanner.

Correct application always gives a good tan within the few hours. Sometimes it is advisable to apply the dark fake tan lotion before going to bed so that it has enough time to act on the skin while you rest to produce the desired results. Once awake just shower to reveal a satisfying dark fake tan on your skin. In addition, always pick lotions with sunscreen to protect against the UV light in case you use sunbeds.

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