Important Matters About Hormone Replacement Therapy Meridian ID Doctors Offer

Not all menopausal women encounter unusual symptoms. Those who do, however, often look for remedies as many of their experienced symptoms can make everyday living really challenging. While it’s true that the unfavorable symptoms usually go away on their own, it can take a few years for them to disappear. Luckily, there’s hormone replacement therapy Meridian ID doctors are offering. Below are some really important matters every woman in the menopausal stage should know about this form of treatment.

Often, the treatment is simply referred to as HRT. The goal of administering it is to replace certain hormones in the body of a woman. The levels of some of these hormones drop during menopause.

Estrogen is the name of one of those various hormones. When administered by a doctor, it’s known as estrogen replacement therapy. It’s a treatment that is usually recommended for a woman who has had surgical removal of her uterus. Some of the reasons for the elimination of one’s uterus include having heavy periods and experiencing severe pelvic pain. Underlying medical conditions that could cause such are uterine fibroids and also pelvic inflammatory disease.

A menopausal woman or somebody else who could benefit from estrogen replacement therapy may receive the hormone in different ways. For instance, it may be taken by mouth in the form of a pill. More often than not, it is administered daily on an empty stomach. Such is done for superb absorption of estrogen. However, your doctor may give you an entirely different dosing schedule.

Some women prefer to be prescribed with estrogen patches. Just like what the name says, these products are placed on the skin. Some patches are replaced after a couple of days, while others may be worn for an entire week. Unfortunately, patches are primarily designed to fend off weakening of the bones. Referred to by doctors as osteoporosis, it is a problem that menopausal women are at risk of developing.

Also available are estrogen sprays, gels and creams. Some of these products are massaged on the arms, while the rest are administered on the legs. Often, these topical products are applied once a day only. However, some women who are experiencing intense menopause symptoms may have more complicated dosing instructions.

In some instances, it’s not just estrogen that is administered. There are cases in which the said hormone is provided with another that’s called progesterone. While it is often used as a form of contraceptive, progesterone is also usually employed for the management of the various symptoms of menopause.

It’s true that HRT is helpful for a woman who is bugged by an assortment of menopause symptoms like mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and unnecessary weight gain. Sadly, it’s not ideal for every woman out there. Doctors confirm that HRT is not meant for someone with a history of blood clot, heart disease, liver problem and certain cancers. In addition, the treatment comes with side effects. Definitely, a menopausal woman should ask her doctor about the benefits and risks.

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