Important Information On Teeth Whitening Bellingham

Generally, the color of your teeth is very crucial. Therefore, tooth whitening is important in the lightening of your teeth and removal of stains and any form of discoloration. This procedure is one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental procedures as it enhances how one looks in a big way. A huge number of dentists may perform teeth whitening bellingham in as much as this is not a one-time procedure.

Basically, the actual color of natural a tooth is caused by reflection and scattering of light. If the enamel in combination with the dentin color underneath. The enamel is the outer layer of a tooth whose thickness and smoothness is influenced by your genes. When the enamel is thin, the color of the dentin can be seen through, whereas a smooth or rough enamel influences the reflection of light and hence the color of your tooth.

Every day, the formation of pellicle on your tooth contributes to the evident stains on teeth. The pellicle is the thin coating formed on the enamel. Stains may also result from the pores that are usually present on the enamel. Nevertheless, the common causes of stains are poor teeth hygiene, tobacco consumption and also drinking of coffee, red wine and tea.

Another reason as to color change is age. This is because, as time goes by the enamel becomes thin due to activities like brushing, crushing, grinding among others. The dentin, on the other hand, becomes dark as one grows. Some stains are internally placed and do not come as a result of external factors. They are mostly connected with too much taking and exposure of fluoride compounds when a child is at the development stage. A child may be affected in embryonic stage if the mother uses betracydine antibiotics frequently.

Teeth whitening is more effective on extrinsic stains. However, other dental complications may hinder the success of the procedure. For instance, cavities need to be treated first. This is because the discoloration solution may sip through the decayed regions to the inner parts of the tooth whereby the products may not whiten.

A decayed tooth and weak gums not only hinder the discoloration process but also contribute to increased sensitivity of teeth. Another challenge to this process is if the crowns are made of ceramics, veneers or porcelain crowns. This procedure can be categorized into two. Vital whitening, which is performed on teeth with live nerves and non-vital whitening.

The results are not permanent since the stains recurring. For instance, smoking and consumption of many staining foods and drinks may make the whiteness to fade in a month. However, avoiding these foods may keep the procedure at bay for at least six to twelve months. Rewhitening can also be done at home or office as long as you are aware of the best products for you.

The only risks associated with this process are that a tooth may become more sensitive for a short while and also the occurrence of mild gum irritation. It is recommendable for women to avoid the process while pregnant in as much as there are no known harm of the products to the fetus. However, one needs to seek appropriate professional advice before undergoing the procedure.

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