Ideas On Managing Anxiety Through Holistic Nutrition Orange County Experts Recommend

Numerous anti anxiety medications are being sold these days. Sadly, they are known to cause a bunch of really unfavorable side effects. Stopping taking them may also cause what’s known as rebound anxiety. It’s because of this why so many people who have the said mental health problem choose to go for some all natural solutions instead. Below are some ideas for controlling anxiety through holistic nutrition Orange County experts are highly recommending.

Regularly consume oily fish. What makes salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and trout oily is the fact that they are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. Nutrition authorities say that omega 3 fatty acids help in regulating the mood. What’s more, they are very good at combating inflammation, which is something that can be blamed for mental health issues such as anxiety.

Have a cup of turmeric or ginger herbal tea. It’s perfectly fine if you prefer turmeric over ginger or the other way around because they are relatives and thus possess superb anti inflammatory properties equally. Regardless of your choice, consider drinking it in tea form a few times a day for anxiety management. Experts say that turmeric or ginger tea also assists in reducing chronic pain that many anxiety sufferers like you tend to experience.

Brew chamomile tea at night. Anyone who is battling anxiety may have a difficult time catching some shut eye. Failure to have a good night’s sleep can certainly worsen any mental health related matter. Before hopping into bed, it’s highly recommended for anyone who suffers insomnia brought about by anxiety to brew and drink a cup of chamomile tea. Some other herbal teas that are good for dealing with insomnia are lavender, jasmine, passion flower and lemon balm.

Snack on yogurt daily. According to mental health experts, most of the mood regulating chemicals of the brain are manufactured in the gut. It’s exactly for this reason why someone who suffers from anxiety should keep his or her intestine in an excellent shape. An effective way to attain and maintain that is by regularly consuming yogurt that supplies the gut with beneficial bacteria.

Consume fermented foods, too. You can also obtain those friendly bacteria from foods that are fermented. Sauerkraut, kimchi and miso are some very popular examples of those. If you are not fond of the taste of these treats, fret not because you may simply supplement with probiotic pills or capsules.

Enjoy chicken or turkey. According to experts in mental health, magnesium is a superb mood regulating mineral. It’s exactly due to this why individuals who are battling anxiety should add magnesium rich chicken and turkey to their diet very often. Vegans have lots of magnesium rich food choices. Top examples include leafy green veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts.

Steer clear of trigger foods. Sadly, there are all kinds of foods and beverages that anxiety sufferers should avoid. Some of them include foods that are packed with sugar. Processed food products are examples, too. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks need to be dodged. Alcoholic drinks should be taken in moderation only.

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