Here Is Information On Laser Therapy For Ankle Sprain

When a cold laser therapy is used in a proper way, there are some positive results that can be achieved and this fact makes it more popular. Healing by this process is stimulated by light in low levels. There is a lot of energy that is contained in the lasers and this explains its name cold. Heating is not a possibility in the body tissues that the lasers are being exposed to. This is worth knowing about Laser therapy for ankle sprain.

Cold lasers contain very low amounts of energy when compared to other kinds of lasers used for other functions. Lasers that contain more energy find use in the destruction of coagulate tissues and tumors. Also, lasers used for esthetic and surgical purposes usually cause heating of body tissues. Other names that are used to refer to cold laser therapy include photobiomodulation, soft laser biostimulation, and low-power/low-level laser therapy.

During the application of this process, a low-level light is used on the targeted area. Normally, the affected body tissues absorb the rays upon exposure to the laser. The absorbed rays in turn trigger a reaction in the body in form of a physiological reaction from the affected cells. It is this reaction that promotes healing or the regeneration process of the damaged cells.

The typical wave range is between 700 and 600 nanometers for most lasers used in this process. But, lasers with longer wavelengths can also be used. Normally, when deeper level of penetration is required than lasers with longer wavelengths are used. Such cases call for lasers with wavelengths ranging between 780 and 950 nanometers.

A hand-held laser device is usually used to administer this procedure. The patient can feel the device touch their body when it is being applied. It is only the touch of the device that one feels for the entire process. The process is entirely painless and noninvasive. The patient will not feel vibrations, heat, or sounds as there is none produced.

However, if lasers of longer wavelengths are being used to achieve deep-tissue penetration, it is possible to sense some warmth in the area being treated. The warmth usually comes from the laser. To prevent any possibility of damage to the body cells in the affected area, treatments are usually limited to a few minutes. A typical session will take one to two minutes.

The idea of cold laser therapy is old and any person can use it as it is not limited by age or other factors. There is a wide variety of medical conditions that are treated by this method. Some of the medical practitioners who use it include physical therapists, dentists and doctors. There are various approaches in the use of this method also. The procedure however is used to relieve pain and tissue inflammation in most of the cases.

Bursitis, ligaments sprains, tendonitis, and muscle strains are some of the medical issues that can be rectified using this technique. Other conditions that can be treated as well using this method are knee pain, neck pain, lower back pain, and tennis elbow. When used this method not only helps with promoting healing but also reduces swelling in joints and soft tissue. It is used in healing ulcerations and treating inflamed tissues in dentistry.

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