Helpful Things To Review About Portable Tanning Supplies

portable tanning

A portable tanning canopy bed makes sense when on the move constantly. Portable tanning canopies may be small but they are just as effective as a full-sized tan bed. You might know, a portable tanning bed uses UV lights to give your skin a darker pigment. This is the skin’s natural defense against strong lights that could burn the skin.

While you may be considering taking up tan sessions, there are some things you should do to protect yourself against UV exposure from portable tanning beds. Portability is important. Portable tanning Canopy beds let you get that tan you want on a sunless winter day, but they also offer flexibility. This doesn’t mean that tanning is all around safe. While heeding your doctor’s warnings, you can maximize the benefits of your portable tanning equipment by following a few simple guidelines.

Recent studies show that UV lights provide you an ample supply of vitamin D. The past decade yielded improved results of the health benefits that portable tanning beds can provide, but not without responsible control. In fact, some studies show that malignant melanoma is caused more by the sun.

Some researchers have correlated skin disease with sun burn that people get as children more so than a tan bed. Some people have a higher occurrence of skin disease or a stronger defense system against prolonged exposure to UV lights. It is not uncommon for people to be exposed to UV lights as an occupational hazard such as fishermen, construction workers, farmers, roofers, etc. Some professionals say that exposing your skin to natural UV lights can increase the skin’s defense mechanism to the sun but without taking the proper precautions, it can lead to skin disease.

It is natural to assume that one can train the human hide to protect itself against melanoma. There are some studies that indicate a higher occurrence of melanoma in individuals that have a vitamin D deficiency. There are a lot of lotions that contain various antioxidants and moisture for the skin and will provide reliable protection against ultraviolet rays.

If you use quality lotions, you can enhance your sessions. There are some lotions that will increase your blood flow, which can be useful in tanning your skin. Look for some after-tan lotions that will cool and firm your skin after a session. If you don’t use after-tan, your skin may wrinkle more. If you don’t have access to an after-tan lotion, virgin olive oil is another alternative as it contains anti-aging components.

Most people wear bathing suits to a salon or on the beach. Tan lines can be avoided with specialty garments. It is critical to protect private parts and sensitive areas during portable tanning sessions because they can become easily harmed. Portable tanning sessions are not dangerous as long as they are handled responsibly.

If you are considering buying a portable tanning bed for your place, consider this; a full-sized tan bed will have around a 3 1/2 feet wide and 6 1/2 feet long area for the UV lights enclosure. The exterior will take up around a 7 1/2 feet long and 4 feet wide area of your place. Some beds weigh around 1500 pounds, which is hefty to say the least. The dimensions of a full-sized tan bed would be such a hassle to move. Portable tanning beds do not have as much problems when moving them.

A good alternative to getting a full-sized bed is to get a portable tanning canopy. The canopy is quite popular because their minimalists design. For example, if you are on the move a lot, or you live in an apartment, a portable tanning canopy makes more sense. A quality portable tanning canopy bed will probably weigh around 200 pounds, but it does not feel that way because of their frames and their wheels.

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