Health Experts Tips On Quick Concussion Recovery

A hit on the head or being jolted on the neck will cause concussions. In some cases, the hit can be indirect as long as the head, neck or any part of the spinal cord is jolted. The rate of concussion recovery depends on how much damage was caused and the measures you take in the process. Medical experts recommend certain steps to help patients avoid complications.

Some of the symptoms include persistent headache that will range between mild and severe, lost concentration or memory, oversensitivity to noise, light or both and vertigo or dizziness. The patient may also experience blurred vision, irritability due to change of mode and nausea or vomiting. It is also common to experience fatigue, drowsiness and lost balance, among other unique symptoms.

All these symptoms do not have to be present. Some may take days before they manifest. However, recovery is estimated to take between 7 and 10 days. Loss of consciousness is not a must for all cases. Your health will also determine how fast and well you recover. Some people will experience post-concussion syndrome that sees a repletion of the symptoms.

Switch off electronics or significantly reduce screen time. Headaches are made worse by light coming from such screens as phones, televisions and laptops, among other screens. This is because the impact such light has on your brains. This light is also blamed for lost sleep. In case you cannot switch off the lights, it is recommended that you alter the settings.

Reduce movement of the head and neck. These movements increase strain on the neck. Remember that concussions can be caused by certain types of movements. It means that continuing with similar movements puts more strain on the neck and head. As a result, your symptoms will get worse. Roller coaster and excessive movement or physical activities will prove to be a problem.

Take a lot of water and healthy liquids for your body. This water keeps body muscles and tissues supple. It facilitates transportation of nutrients to the affected areas. This is not a reason to take excessive amounts of water. Take the amount that is recommended.

Take foods that are rich in proteins. To benefit from the different elements in proteins, you should expand the variety of these foods. Scientists have cited branch-chain amino acids as the beneficial element in proteins providing excellent boost to brain functions. Fish, beans, nuts and different varieties of meat will provide the protein you desire. However, do not make it excessive and also consider your level of tolerance.

Take a lot of rest and follow instructions provided by your doctor. Omega 3 is also considered an important element of brain regeneration. Antioxidants should also be taken in sufficient quantities. Be patient before returning into your normal duties. When it is not handled properly, it will cause a lot of health problems in future.

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