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The act of sudden force causing the head and neck to whip back and forth causes micro muscle tears, soft tissue strain, and upper cervical misalignment. The injury constitutes whiplash and is responsible for the inability to move the neck fully without experiencing pain, restrictions and frequent headaches. With options for whiplash treatment Calgary patients can learn of non-invasive solutions to support recovery and provide relief.

Whiplash is an injury to the neck most commonly sustained upon the impact of a vehicle accident, but can occur with any form of force and the whipping motion of the upper body. Many people are unaware they are affected by this injury after a car crash or forceful incident because symptoms can develop weeks to months later. The accumulation of inflammation and worsening of misalignment or tears become apparent over time, leaving affected patients in excruciating upper cervical pain.

Whiplash causes major mobility problems owing to the strain in the neck muscles and the presence of misaligned spinal joints. The forceful action of the accident leaves the nerves severely compressed as the misaligned joints are responsible for dysfunction. Individuals are offered medical care to manage the presence of damage and ensure the proper treatment solutions are provided for the well-being of all patients.

The forceful injury of the neck simply cannot recover overnight and requires careful rehabilitation techniques to facilitate well-being. To manage the soft tissue and cervical damages requires a professional examination to determine the extent of this injury and the period needed for recovery. If you suffer from neck pain after an accident, see your physician for effective treatment.

When diagnosed with neck injuries, it is important to keep activity minimal allowing the tissues to heal while preventing against the possibility of surgical intervention. Rest is necessary, but patients are encouraged to gently, and slowly rotate the neck to improve circulation and release any scar tissue formation. These structured exercises are created by a professional practitioner and should be performed daily to encourage healing.

Chiropractic is a non-invasive and healthy approach to managing your well-being and recovering the symptoms of whiplash. A professional and experienced practitioner will determine the most effective techniques and healthcare measures available to ensure the joints are balanced and the most suitable forms of therapy sought. A professional will apply manipulative methods to restore the upper spinal joints to its original condition.

Relieving the nerves of irritation helps facilitate normal range of motion and function without pains. The body is better able to function when nerves are healthy and impingement released that is responsible for an inability to move the head and neck freely. If your symptoms become worse after rest, cold compression for inflammation, and gentle exercise, it is time to see your primary care physician.

The process of physical therapy, chiropractic and medication including anti-inflammatories for pain, can assist in delivering relief from pains and aches. Sustaining whiplash when in a vehicle accident is a common form of injury and should receive individualized treatment plans to recover affected structures. If your neck is aching or suffering stiff movement after experiencing force, see your doctor immediately and learn how to achieve a stress free recovery.

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