Good Reasons For Consulting With Consulting With A Dentist Howell

In order to take good care of your teeth, you need to do more than just flossing and brushing them daily. For complete care, it is essential to visit a dental clinic twice a year for professional cleaning and regular checkups. By consulting with a dentist Howell residents can prevent quite a number of dental health problems.

One of the dental health problems you can prevent is oral cancer. Oral cancer is a serious condition, which manifests itself in various ways. If it is not diagnosed early, it can progress faster and become life threatening. Thankfully, when this condition is diagnosed early, it can be treated. Dentists are trained to recognize the symptoms and signs of oral cancer.

Regular consultations with a dentist can also help prevent tartar and plaque buildup. Plaque and tartar harbor harmful bacteria that can damage the enamel of the teeth and cause tooth decay. Note that once tartar builds up on your teeth, removing it through brushing can be impossible. During the checkups, the dental practitioner will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth using special tools to remove tartar and plaque before it starts causing damage.

If plaque and tartar build up on teeth, they can also cause the gum tissue to erode. The gum tissue erodes if an infection takes place on the area where teeth connect to the gums, making the gums to draw back from the teeth. This kind of infection is called gingivitis. As it worsens, it causes the tissue that attaches the teeth to the gums to break down.

If gingivitis is not treated, it can turn into a more severe condition known as gum disease or periodontitis. The symptoms of gum disease include soreness in the mouth, swelling and bleeding. Periodontitis causes the breakdown of gum tissue. The teeth then become loose and fall out.

When you visit a dentist regularly, you can also deal with the effects of bad habits that impact the health of teeth negatively. They include grinding your teeth, chewing ice, nail biting, clenching the jaws, smoking, eating sweets that are too sticky or hard and brushing your teeth too vigorously. A dentist will evaluate your teeth for damages that these habits can cause. When you have information about the habits that may be damaging your teeth, you can stop them altogether. The dental practitioner may also fix the existing damage.

A dental practitioner can also use X rays to find problems beneath the surface of your teeth. By using X rays, dentists can find and diagnose oral health problems that may not be visible to the naked eye. Some of these problems include impacted teeth, damage to the jawbone, swelling, bone decay, tumors and cysts. Such problems can be treated effectively when discovered early.

Your dentist will also check your neck, the lymph nodes near the jaw line and your jaw for abnormalities like lumps and swelling among others. If an abnormality is present, it could be a symptom of a major health problem. The dental practitioner will alert you about it and refer you to the most appropriate medical specialist. It is important to choose a dentist you are comfortable with and is close to your workplace or home so that it will be easier to schedule appointments and arrive on time.

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