For The Best Laser Skin Wrinkle Treatment Atlanta GA Doctors Stand Ready

Physical beauty has always been important to humans. Odes and poems have been written and wars have been fought for and on behalf of exceptionally beautiful people. Today, magazines and society pages still create the impression that physical attributes are the key to success and social recognition. To this end many people spend a small fortune on procedures, cosmetics and even surgery to improve their looks. With laser skin wrinkle treatment Atlanta GA residents try to fight off the signs of ageing.

This treatment method, also called resurfacing, has been proven to be effective in the successful treatment of a wide variety of complaints. It can be used for removing the blemishes caused by acne, to reduce the severity of wrinkles on the face, to remove age spots and to achieve an even tone. This treatment is not a miracle cure, however.

The procedure is performed by both medical and beauty professionals but prospective patients should be very careful. It is better to consult a doctor, preferably a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist, before making final decisions about opting for resurfacing. Not all patients will benefit from this procedure and a doctor can also make sure that medication used by the patient will not impact upon the success of the procedure.

Treatments of large portions of the face may take up to two hours, but in most cases sessions last no longer than 45 minutes. The treated area has to be covered by bandages and it is the responsibility of the patient to clean that area for the next ten to twenty one days at least four times daily. This will help to prevent infection and scabs from developing.

Treatment with lasers are considered to be very safe, as long as the practitioner is properly trained and experienced. Patients must nevertheless expect swelling, itching and even a stinging feeling in the treated area. This is normal and will not last longer than a few days. The application of ice may help reduce the irritation. After about a week, the treated area will dry out and the skin will peel. This, too, is normal.

Patients also need to understand that treated area may remain extremely sensitive to the sun for up to a year. It is vital that they apply a good sun block whenever they venture outside. This will not only protect the treated area, but it will help prevent the development of cancer and further signs of premature ageing. Patients are also advised to be careful when buying and using cosmetics and to stop using products that cause irritation, itching or discolouration.

Prospective patients should be very careful when selecting a professional to perform this procedure. It is vital that the practitioner is experienced in performing the procedure, that he can provide valid references and that he uses only the latest and most advanced equipment. No reputable doctor will agree to perform the procedure without first thoroughly assessing the patient.

Resurfacing has become an extremely popular method to get rid of unwanted blemishes and signs of premature ageing. It is important, however, to understand that the signs of old age can never be completely eliminated or prevented. It is equally important to understand that even minimal invasive procedures hold certain dangers of complications and unpleasant side effects.

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