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People specializing in offering surgical and medical attention to patients with ankle, foot or lower leg problems are known as foot doctors. Their services relate to surgery operation, carrying out diagnosis, and curing wounds or injuries happening in lower extremities. For people willing to care for others, this is a good career for them to pursue. When one needs Foot doctors Colorado offers the perfect location to visit.

There are many universities and colleges that offer academic training at various levels in the field of podiatry. Those who wish to join the field need to have a doctor of podiatric medicine, often abbreviated as DPM. The learning institution that one joins must be accredited and recognized in the country. The Council of Podiatric Medical Education had about 9 colleges accredited. A DPM program usually lasts four years before the student graduates.

To be admitted into a DPM program, one needs to have three years of undergraduate education. The undergraduate education should have focus in laboratory sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biology. A good understanding of the English language for those who plan to enroll in a college based in the United States is important. Besides undergraduate education, applicants must also pass the MCAT test.

Just like other medical degrees, the field of podiatry offers similar courses to students. Pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, and pathology are among the courses covered. Students go on clinical rotations during the last two years of training. A qualified doctor in this field normally supervises the rotations. Spending five years on surgical residency is another condition to be attained for one to obtain a license.

It is a requirement of the law that all podiatrists be licensed in the United States. One is needed to pay a fee and to pass a licensing exam. This exam is usually administered AMPLE, this body is in charge of governing podiatry practice in the country. In some states, there is a state-specific exam that one will be needed to pass before practicing in such a state.

Licenses held by podiatrists are subject to periodic renewal. Failure to renew the license may result into revocation or cancellation. Podiatrists must also take continuing medical education. They must stay informed of new developments in the profession. There is also the option of becoming board certified. Board certified podiatrists usually win the confidence of patients as being more qualified in the field.

In the United States, 10, 700 was the number of podiatrists by the year 2012. The number keeps on increasing steadily. One should expect to work in an office setting. Working alone or in a team of podiatrists is another expectation. There is also probability of working with other physicians or specialists. Outpatient care centers and hospitals are also potential work environments.

Self-employment is also growing steadily in this field. Many podiatrists choose to work as self-employed workers after they become licensed. They may open offices alone or partner with other podiatrists and start a practice. Work is usually done on a full-time basis. Patients may be brought into the office or the podiatrist may be called out to attend to patients in the field.

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