Finding A Natural Alternatives To Prescription Drugs

The more we hear about medicinal side effects and even potential death, the more we want another answer to our health conditions. Many already know about the beneficial natural alternatives to prescription drugs and more are earning about the positive attributes of holistic and non-Western medicine.

The Internet has been a useful tool in exploring this world, one that has existed long before its advent. We are more knowledgeable than ever about once arcane cures. Thus, a new business is building out there based on alternative medicine and the supplements and herbs associated with it. Healing is no longer limited to Western approaches and its myriad of medications. We can ward off disease and cure illness is an entirely different manner.

Modern medicine has surely come a long way since the invention of the miracle drug penicillin. It is a complex business diagnosing problems and matching them with suitable medications. They all seem to have a battery of ill effects, although some are rare. As a result, more people do not want to take their chances of being the unlucky fatal example. They have embraced alternative medicine in line with information gleaned from NCCAM.

Going a bit deeper, we find within this realm a number of specific approaches such as energy therapy. Biofield therapy involves energy forces within the human body that can be stimulated by the healer for positive benefit. You have no doubt heard of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and the mysterious Qi Gong. On the other hand, there is bioelectromagnetic therapy that is based on energy fields that enter the body for curative purposes.

Looking at the subject further, we can see that energy therapy has become increasingly popular. Biofield deals with the body and how it can be made to cure itself by relying on its own energy. The use of touch is instrumental, as seen in Reiki, therapeutic Touch, and Qi Gong. By contrast, bioelectromagnetic therapy uses outside energy fields for curing.

Then there are biologically-based treatments that focus on what nature has to offer to the process of healing and that improve immunity and defense. Herbs are well known examples as are dietary supplements and related natural products. They are not necessarily clinically proven: it is more anecdotal at best. They are, however, the stock in trade of alternative medicine in one form or another.

Finally, mention should be made of manipulative methods that address the body by means of massage therapy or chiropractic treatment. They are perhaps among the most well-known types of alternative or holistic medicine. External pressure does it work to cure patients, and it is often within a short period of time.

Another way to enhance a self-cure is through body manipulation (such as chiropractic treatment) and massage. The benefits are pleasurable while the results are curative. External pressure on areas of the body can be a successful way to stimulate internal energies in preparation for a cure. Thus, it is clear that alternative medicine is vast in scope and filled with complexity. This simplification should, however, help those who are seeking a new medical Holy Grail. Thousands are jumping on the bandwagon and are openly attesting to a newfound efficacy.

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