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Staying healthy does not have to mean living under a doctor’s care. In fact, if a woman’s diet is bad and her lifestyle unhealthy, there’s not much a doctor can do. For that reason, finding out how to achieve really good womens nutrition Carlsbad CA (and elsewhere) can mean a better quality of life and a longer one, too.

Most parents know well that a girl reaching puberty can have severe emotional swings as her hormone levels fluctuate. Hormones affect our emotions, our energy level, how well we sleep, and how well our reproductive systems function. They also affect weight gain and metabolism. Hormones are produced by female organs but also by organs that both sexes have, like the adrenal glands.

Almost all women are aware that estrogen plays an important role. If the ovaries produce enough estrogen at the right times, a woman will have fairly painless and regular menstruation, for example. Her breasts will develop properly and not be too large for her skeletal framework to support without strain. She will have abundant hair on her head and will be able to nurse a baby without problems. She will have enough energy to get through the day happily and will go through the ‘change of life’ without heavy bleeding, hot flashes, night sweats, and other bothersome symptoms.

Nutrition can help prevent painful periods, infertility, skin blemishes and dryness, thinning hair, and other symptoms that are really revealing a lack of – or an over-abundance of – one or more hormones. The problem can lie in the ovaries, which produce hormones as well as the eggs that make a new human, or with the adrenal glands which control all the endrocrine (hormone) system. Many women don’t know that fatigue can be caused by hormonal imbalances, as well as other things like chin hairs, dry eyes, and insomnia.

A woman can do her own research and choose foods and supplements that can help her find balance. If that seems too difficult, there are naturopaths, herbalists, and even medical doctors who try diet and supplementation with natural things before resorting to pharmaceuticals. A doctor can do lab tests, like blood scans, that can reveal where problems may lie. A dietitian might recommend dietary changes to achieve certain health goals.

In fact, many holistic clinics in the Carlsbad area are headed by medical doctors. The staff may include Chinese herbalists or experts on Ayurveda medicine, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and dietitians to help clients pinpoint the causes of their bothersome symptoms. A holistic plan of the right foods, enough pure water, adequate exercise, and supplementation can address the whole body’s need for correction.

Nutritional counselors can assess your eating habits, work load, exercise regimen, and stress levels to help you restore balance to your lifestyle. This will enhance any other therapy you choose to try. Both diet and lifestyle affect your total well-being.

Many people have habits that disrupt the hormonal balance of their bodies. It may be as simple as sitting in front of a computer or a television screen too late at night; the ‘blue light’ disrupts melatonin production. Other women may have more serious problems, like endrometriosis. Later in life, a woman may lack both estrogen and testosterone, which can cause such things as dry skin and eyes, thinning hair, and fatigue. Go online to find out more information on your age group and to see what professional help exists near-by.

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