Facts Regarding Breast Augmentation Michigan Clients Should Understand

Operations involving the breast are among the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures all over the world. These operations are mainly categorized into two: those that are aimed at reducing the size of the gland and those that are done to increase the size and alter the shape. Both of them are alternatively referred to as mammoplasty. If they intend to benefit from breast augmentation Michigan residents need to understand several things beforehand.

The reasons as to why people may choose to undergo this procedure are varied. One of the commonest reasons is individual desire to gain better shape and breast fullness. The media and celebrity lifestyle are believed to be among the main driving factors. Other important indications are the correction of developmental abnormalities such as breast hypoplasia and in the repair of tissues affected by cancer. More recently, the procedure has found a place in effecting sex change.

Once the decision to undergo the operation is made, the next step for the client is to look for a qualified cosmetic surgeon to conduct the procedure. Referrals can be obtained from relatives, friends and even the primary doctor. A lot of valuable information may be obtained from the internet as well. Take note of comments from clients on online websites and blogs. The surgeon you settle on should make it their responsibility to explain to you what the procedure is about.

One needs to be fully prepared before undergoing the surgery. As part for the preparation process, you may have to take some blood tests notably hemoglobin levels and renal function tests. The kidneys need to have optimal function to help in the elimination of tissue breakdown products. As a precaution, one should avoid smoking during the preparation and healing stages. Blood thinners should also be avoided at this time.

There are two main types of implants that are used in these operations: silicone based and the saline type. The common feature is that both are made of a rubber shell. As the names suggest, the silicone types are filled with silicone gel while the saline types are filled with saline solution. Silicone implants come prefilled with the gel while the saline implants are only filled once in position.

Incisions for the placement of the implants are made in various sites. The commonest include the areolar region and below the breast fold. Silicone implants require for the creation of large incisions due to the fact that they are not malleable. This is in contrast to saline implants which can be inserted through smaller incisions. The main advantage of the silicone implants is that they have a more natural feel making them the more preferred option.

It is important to remember that there are possible complications that may arise from these operations. During the operation, commonly encountered complications include excessive bleeding and injury to other structures. During the recovery period, infections may set in but these are generally rare as long as antibiotics are used. Sagging and leakage of implants may be seen after some years both for the saline and silicone implants.

Breast augmentation has a success rate that is variable among different individuals. Factors that determine whether or not one will get good results include, among others, the surgical skill of the doctor, the severity of the problem and the type of implant used. One must remember that the initial benefits will be lost with tome due to the effect of gravity.

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