Examples Of Egg Substitute For Vegans

Vegans or vegetarians are people who depend strictly on vegetables and plant foods. They do not take animal products for medical reasons or simply to suit their personal decisions. Some of the foods they exclude from their diets include fish, meat, egg, milk and more. Since they exclude many of these things that are important for a meal, they have to replace them with something else. For example, they should use egg substitute for vegans when baking or doing things that require the use of eggs.

One of the substitutes to talk about is applesauce. It does almost all that an egg can do when used for baking. It is a better choice for overweight persons in that it has fewer calories. It will, therefore, reduce the chances of anyone getting fatter even when the baked items are taken in a large quantity. Vegans love going with applesauce because they have less calories.

If the purpose for using eggs is to have a binder for the mixture, flaxseed can do the same job. They are even better for whole grain products because they have the flavor of nuts. Getting one is not difficult since they are available in the market and can be easily ordered online.

Another product to make an order for when you visit an online store is black salt. Although this has not been so for long, the need for the product increased so manufacturers had to increase their production to meet the increasing market. Now, people who want to eat tofu scrambles, quiches and vegan egg salad can do so and get the same taste that eggs supply in foods like this. Besides, black salt equally has a high sulfur content.

Ripe bananas are also used as a good replacement for eggs. You do not even have to buy much because 1 medium-sized ripe banana can do just the same as an egg would do. This makes it even a cheaper option since eggs are generally more expensive. If you would like to know what using a ripe banana in place of eggs look like, you can have a taste of black bean brownies.

Eggs are good for binding when baking but they can now be replaced with tapioca starch, either for vegetarians or those who want to limit how they consume eggs. Tapioca starch has a tremendous effect on dough as it makes it rise so much. Just a teaspoon mixed with one and a half tablespoons of water can do what an egg does. It is also suitable for making vegan mayonnaise.

Baking soda and vinegar mixed together can also do the work of eggs. The mixture can create bubbles making your baked item to swell and have some air without depending on eggs. You can also count on this if you want something that is cheaper since 1 teaspoon of baking soda and thrice the same amount of vinegar can be used as a substitute for a single egg.

Actually, what to use as substitutes for eggs does not end here. Egg substitutes for vegetarians would be anything of plant origin that can act as a leavening agent, improve its structure and make it taste like fat. Some of them have been treated here and they are not expensive. Thus, whenever you want to go for one, choose something that won’t cost you much.

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