Essentials On Sleeve Gastrectomy New York Residents May Benefit From

Excessive weight gain is a common finding all over the world. Many people grapple with weight issues due to various reasons. Some are obese due to the poor diet decisions they make every single day. Some suffer because of lack of exercise. Unfortunately, others are affected not because of a bad diet but because they genetically inherit the problem. Regardless of the cause, sleeve surgery can help a great deal in reducing weight. Subsequent sections in this article discuss essentials on sleeve gastrectomy New York residents may find useful.

Gastrectomy is partial or complete removal of the stomach surgically. In sleeve gastrectomy, part of the stomach is removed (about eighty percent) and the remaining is fashioned into a continuous tube(sleeve). In this procedure, the greater curvature of the stomach is cut vertically extending from the upper portion to the lower portion. It was originally done as a preliminary procedure for gastric bypass. Later, it was discovered that it worked just well on its own without any further modification.

At least six hours of starvation prior to performing the surgery are required. A comprehensive drug history is also needed as some of the drugs could negatively interfere with the operation. For instance, female patients are usually advised to stay off the pill for a given period of time as this could predispose them to deep vein thrombosis post operatively. Also, routine blood tests should be carried out to ascertain the efficiency of all your crucial organs. Laparoscopy is preferred over open surgery becomes it is minimally invasive and results in less complications.

The individual is usually put on pain relievers as they are bound to experience the same during the early period after surgery when the wound is still fresh. Moreover, diet has to be restricted to clear liquids only, before gradually introducing a full course meal. This gives time for the digestive system to regain normal working. Taking this into account, adequate bed rest is crucial as any tension causing activity can compromise the process of healing.

The average amount of weight loss from this procedure is sixty percent you excess weight. This does not happen immediately but in about eighteen months. At some point, the patient may stop losing weight before reaching the target. This is because the body responds by slowing down the rate of metabolism in order to compensate for the drastic loss. Therefore, one needs to actively exercise to get past this stage.

Compared to other weight loss surgeries, the duration of sleeve gastrectomy is much shorter. This is simply because the intestines remain untouched in this procedure. Hence, the risk of dumping syndrome is not in the picture. Another advantage is the fact that one does not easily fall hungry since the hormone(ghrelin) responsible for it is eliminated in the procedure.

Sleeve gastrectomy has its own disadvantages. One of the common ones being the fact the desired weight needs to be accompanied by judiciously watching what you eat and also taking part in exercises regularly. Also, these individuals complain of fatigue, mood swings and personality changes.

In summary, keeping that figure you have always wished to have is not permanently achieved through the surgery alone. The operation totally changes your life. It means making conscious decisions about your diet and making physical exercise your best friend.

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