Discovering The Practice Of Rolfing Therapy San Diego

When it comes to massage, there are different types and styles. The most common being Swedish, Shiatsu and Deep Tissue. While Deep Tissue is used in rolfing therapy San Diego, it is much different than massage. For, rolfing is considered an alternative medicine used to provide structural reintegration of the body.

Sometimes known as “the recipe, ” rolfing generally consist of ten consecutive sessions of body manipulation and deep manual therapy. As this is the case, the service is now being offered as part of a number of chiropractic wellness plans. Generally, a wellness plan in this area will include an adjustment, followed by exercise therapy, then a deep manual therapy massage along with rolfing. While this is the case, the practice still remains skeptical among other medical professionals including doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists.

Based on Ida Rolf’s ideas about an energy field which surrounds the body, the practice uses a combination of deep manual therapy and body manipulation. As a result, those whom work in this area and those whom receive treatments believe that when energies from the body align with the gravitational fields of the earth, the body benefits during the process.

It should be noted that rolfing can often be painful unlike that of most types of massage, including deep tissue. For, while massage works to break down knots in the muscles, rolfing works to reconnect body tissue known as fascia. As nerves are associated with this treatment, there have been a number of clients whom have not only experienced pain but an emotional response. In some cases, the emotional response, especially when related to repressed memories, can be so painful that clients often need psychotherapy to balance out these emotions and feelings over time.

In more basic terms, the creator of this treatment often considered a pseudo science, believes the body is part and parcel to the earth. As such, by pulling the body toward that energy, there is a healing effect. While this is the case, as with many other forms of natural or holistic medicine, there remain a number of skeptics.

Most providers believe as Rolf, that the body is in a continuous struggle with regards to gravity. As this is the case, gravity tends to shorten the fascia which can often lead to a number if diseases, illnesses and disorders. In order to combat the possibility and potential of these conditions, rolfing is used to motivate movement and eliminate pain by lengthening the fascia.

One lengthened, the fascia allows for better and improved movement. As during treatment, the fascia is also reorganized, the entire body is often healthier and has a stronger immune system. While this is the case, there are some individuals whom might need to continue treatment past the initial ten sessions.

Often referred to as a form of energy or bodywork, or massage, rolfing does much more for the body than any of these practices. In fact, the practice has become so well known that a number of osteopaths are now using the practice as of part of different treatment plans. Whereas, there are also a number of chiropractors whom combine adjustments, exercise therapy and rolfing when treating a number of different issues from scar tissue to bodily function.

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