Different Methods Of Abortion

Abortion is something that every one of us is aware of, but there are not many individuals that have an idea about the varying types of abortion techniques, that people are known to use. As there are different types of abortion techniques, having proper understanding about them is going to ensure that you can deal with problems that arise with abortion in the modern day.

Very often found that it becomes necessary for the female to get the abortion done to ensure the health and safety of the female patient, whereas there are times when the abortion becomes necessary due to genetic problems with the foetus. Irrespective of the reasons behind getting the abortion there are still a lot of things that you need to consider before you choose to get it done.

As far as the medical community is concerned there are different conclusions that come up with abortion. The natural abortion or otherwise known as the spontaneous abortion is referred to the miscarriage that female suffer with, which is caused due to trauma or shock that inadvertently affects the foetus, this automatically forces the body to expel the pregnancy. The spontaneous abortion is also found if the foetus has genetic infection or other diseases.

Next is the induced abortion is the kind of abortion that is induced by using specific medicines. There are two types of abortion that come into two types, therapeutic abortion and elective abortion. The former abortion occurs when it is found that the health of the mother is at risk and the pregnancy has to be terminated. It is also considered as the best option, if the foetus is found to be genetically abnormal and its further development can lead to death. Moreover, people are also known to prefer therapeutic abortion, in case of multiple births, as it might affect mother’s health.

Lastly, we have the elective abortion category that is considered as one of the most popular procedures that has a bad reputation. The Elective abortion is preferred by mothers due to a variety of reasons and it is known to suffer through a lot of scrutiny. Namely, there are three methods used in this procedure, the surgical method, chemical method and the herbal method. The use of Herbal method was stopped long ago, as it had major effects on the body of the female, was considered to be fatal and had a lot of risks.

Once this period passes, the effectiveness of the medicines reduces and it becomes essential for the female to choose for the surgical procedures of abortion. For individuals that are looking for buying these drugs, there are countries that sell them for free, whereas there are others that do not even sell them as over the counter pills and it does require having a gynaecologist’s prescription to buy them from the stores.

If the female is going through the second trimester stage then it is preferred to use the dilation and evacuation method. It is also found that induced abortions techniques are also used during the second trimester stage by using drugs that are injected in the amniotic fluid or hysterectomy abortions are performed. You also have the option of choosing for the chemical abortion and this option can be discussed with the doctor to eliminate pregnancy, drugs such as methotrexate and mifepristone are used for drug abortion.

Irrespective of the type of abortion technique that you choose, it becomes very important to understand abortion and know the varying techniques that are used. It becomes very important to be aware of the facts and options available before you choose to consider for abortion.

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