Concepts Regarding Insulin Resistance Reversal

Most people take it that when the level of blood sugar is reduced this is a solution to diabetics and that it should be what people aim at achieving in the battle. This is not the case because it is but just a symptom that has resulted from insulin resulting from refined carbohydrates. Insulin resistance reversal can be achieved by consuming diet that is has the effect of balanced blood sugar.

You should eat a diet that is highly rich in whole foods containing fiber, vegetables, colorful rich fruits, low sugar, flour and glycemic load. These foods usually help in avoiding any reverse of insulin resistance and diabetes in the human body and turn the entire right gene message to promote metabolism, prevent aging and avoid ant heart diseases.

This condition can be diagnosed in a number of ways. For instance, blood tests can be taken, or even measure the waist. This is not however to mean that the condition is only a preserve of people with obesity, but also slender people can have the problem. This condition may be reversed in various ways, according to medical research.

The first strategy to reverse this condition is by stopping the habit of eating dessert. High doses of fructose can significantly impair the sensitivity to insulin, more than even any other particular food. Therefore, eating dessert contributes more to resistance, as compared to other foods. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid foods such as cakes, sweetened yoghurts, fruit juices, agave, honey, dried fruits, and other suchlike edibles.

When taking the fruits it is a good pick if you have peaches, berries, plums, cherries, pears and apples because they do not contain lots of sugars. Kiwifruits, melons, grapes and cantaloupes are appropriate though they contain a little more sugar than the others. To avoid inflammatory foods then red grapes, fish that contain omega three fats and green vegetables will serve.

There are medications that are very essential and although they have their effects their advantages outshine them. The biguanides, thiazolidenedione and the alphaglucisidase inhibitors are the most common. Other odder once include glyburide, glimepiride and glipizide. Though they are used they just reduce the effect in the short term but latter on the will worsen the situation.

It is also important to ensure that you undertake regular exercises. Inactive bodies are more likely to be less sensitive, and therefore regular exercising activities can dramatically and steadily improve the sensitivity. Simple exercises like just jogging or walking around can go a long way to ensure normal hormonal levels in the body.

It is advisable to finish your meal two to three hours earlier before you retire to bed and also eat every four hours so that the glucose and insulin levels in your body will stay normal. For you to know that your blood sugar is not balanced you might experience since as sugar cravings, hunger pangs, anxiety, moodiness and a fasting insulin level.

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