Chiropractic Approaches To Alleviate Headaches Charlotte NC

So you’ve got a headache. Since you feel it in your head, it’s got to be coming from your head, right? That’s why you rub your temples, close your eyes and pray for relief. It’s all in your head. Right? Maybe not. In fact, you might be surprised by the actual source of most headaches.

The big percentage of what we generally refer to as “tension” headaches are actually cervicogenic. In layman’s terms, this means that most headaches start in the spine. Yes, the spine, not the head. Moreover, misalignments of the neck are most often the culprit that leads to tension that you feel in your head. These misalignments are an imbalance where the head, which weighs between 8 to 10 pounds at adult size, meets the neck. In some instances, headaches can also be brought on by muscular tension or strife.

Chiropractic care has the ability to get to the root of most cervicogenic issues and alleviate them through natural means. Their therapies are based in science and have a proven track record of reducing discomfort and frequency without the use of pharmaceuticals.

What most people don’t realize that headaches are a symptom of another issue in the body. Most general MDs, as well as most of the general public, mask the symptom and consider it enough, usually with pain medication. However, getting to the bottom of what’s actually ailing you and discovering the root cause of your headaches, then providing proper, individualized care specific to your issue can resolve the situation now and in the long term. A good chiropractor can use such techniques as the Atlas Orthogonal to restore the balance in your neck and upper back and thus relieve the tension causing your headaches.

They can also help with other issues including back pain, digestive issues and the like – the entire goal is to restore overall balance to the body. The symptoms we experience are only a tiny fraction of what is going on in the body to cause them, and they reveal some kind of underlying imbalance which, if corrected, will restore optimal health.

If you have chronic headaches, then consider talking to a chiropractor – they may well be able to help, or to give you advice on other approaches to take. For example, dietary changes to eliminate common headache triggers can be useful for some people. Headaches can be debilitating or even disabling. Stop powering through them or wasting time in a dark room with pills and find out how a chiropractor can relieve the underlying cause and reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

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