Candidacy For Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy

The orthopedic medicine specialty has benefited from the newest technology and treatments in recent years. Procedures that were once invasive and painful are now relatively easy and fast thanks to innovations like laser technology and three-dimensional printing. Out of all of the advancements, the use of stem cell rejuvenation therapy stands out as one that perhaps has helped the most patients. You can decide if this treatment is right for you by learning what it is and what qualifications you are expected to meet as a patient.

This therapeutic approach to improving one’s range of mobility and physical functions involves the use of cells that are harvested from a patient’s own blood or bone marrow. Before the procedure begins, the doctor will take a sample of blood or marrow directly from the patient. This sample will then go through a centrifugal process to separate the cells.

Once the cells are removed from the marrow or blood sample, they are then combined with other ingredients like saline solution or steroids before they are injected directly into your body. The area where the doctor injects them will correlate with your impairment or illness. Some of the most common areas are the knees, ankles, shoulders, neck, and lower back.

To relieve your distress, the doctor doing the procedure may numb the area first with a gel or ointment. Once you are numb, you may then receive anywhere from one to three or four injections of cells combined with saline solution or steroid medication. You will stay in the operating room or doctor’s office for an hour or less to make sure you do not have any complications to your recovery.

As ideal as this procedure can be for many patients, it is not indicated for many others including pregnant or nursing women. Women in any stage of pregnancy or a mother who is breastfeeding cannot undergo the treatment safely. She must wait until she has weaned her infant or has given birth before she can get the injections.

In the same way, the injections are not safe for people who suffer from serious underlying illnesses like high blood pressure or heart disease. Conditions like Type II diabetes and hemophilia likewise can complicate recovery and cause excess bleeding that is difficult to control. You will be not be permitted to go through the procedure with these illnesses.

This overall good health extends to your mental and emotional capacities as well. It is likely that you will be totally cured with the injections. You may notice rapid improvement in the range of motion you have as well as the amount of pain you experience each day. Still, you will continue to suffer from conditions like MS or osteoarthritis despite the procedure. Your physician will expect you to acknowledge this fact before approving you for treatment.

Even so, stem cell therapy might provide a way for you to regain your former youthful vigor and movement. You will be required to meet certain candidacy criteria weeks or months prior to the treatment. These qualifications ensure the best chances of your recovery with fewer complications.

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