Can Long Island Mosquito Control Reduce EEE?

EEE, or eastern equine encephalitis, is one of the most serious equine-related conditions brought on by mosquito bites. It affects several horses and the fact that the results are often fatal is nothing short of unfortunate. If you’re a pet owner that has a love for these animals, chances are that you’ll want to know more about EEE in general. Here are a few things that you should be aware of when it comes to this condition, courtesy of those that specialize in Long Island mosquito control.

What are some of the signs associated with EEE, you may wonder? One of the most prominent is difficulty walking. It’s common for a horse with EEE to stumble when they move around, which is strange to witness given the fact that these animals are known for being graceful and strong. You may also want to know that horses with this illness tend to suffer from brain damage. Signs like these should be noted and companies such as Alternative Earthcare can tell you about them.

With these symptoms in mind, you may be curious to know what causes EEE in the first place. Any Long Island mosquito control company will tell you that it is spread because of mosquito bites. These infected pests are not only able to cause illness to humans but animals, including horses, as well. Some locations are more ridden with mosquitoes than others, which is why preventive measures should be taken by concerned pet owners.

There seems to be the misconception that EEE can be spread by and between horses. This is nothing short of false, the main reason being that it can only be transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Horses cannot contract it by simply touching one another. You won’t become ill by petting your animal friend, either. Mosquitoes are the only creatures that can spread EEE, which increases the need for medical care.

Following an appointment with your veterinarian, you should make it a point to treat your property so that mosquitoes become less commonplace. Fortunately, there exist many mosquito control companies that will be able to treat fields. Not only are there methods all-natural, but they are effective. You won’t have to worry about your animals becoming negatively affected, and the fact that bothersome mosquitoes will be kept at bay will be icing on the proverbial cake.

If you’d like to discover more regarding Long Island mosquito control, please visit Alternative Earthcare.

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