Buying The Sun Self Tanner Set To Sport A Lovely Fake Tan

It’s not enough that you apply an excellent tanner to be spotted with a fantastic complexion. It also requires you to ready the skin for the procedure as well as keeping the resulting color around for many days. Opting for the Sun self tanner kit is highly recommendable most especially if this is your first time to consider getting a darker complexion without sunbathing.

This set includes just about everything you need to sport a glorious tan minus the sun and the risks involved with getting too much UV light exposure. Each bottle in the set is a major role player in giving you a bronze complexion that looks exactly like the real thing. Because all of these essentials are from Sun Laboratories, you know that they work very well.

One of the nicest things about opting for the complete set is you don’t have to separately but the things you need for that perfect indoor tan. All you have to do is reach for one bottle after the other until you have an eye-catching tan. Getting the set is highly suggested for a first-timer like you so that you don’t miss buying something necessary for a lovely skin tone.

Initially, you need to grab the bottle that contains the exfoliating gel. This is something made specifically for fake tanning because it does not contain oily ingredients that other scrubbing solutions on the current market have. It’s very important that the skin is free of oils to ensure that DHA, the tanner’s most important component, can be absorbed completely.

Exfoliating while taking a shower is very important just before you rub the tanning lotion all over the body. This helps get rid of those unwanted dead cells on your skin’s uppermost layer. Thanks to the product included in the full set, the surface which will eventually be darkened by DHA can be polished. It’s due to this why you can achieve a blotch-free outcome.

Once you are through taking a shower and exfoliating, it’s time to reach for the tanning lotion that the set has. This product contains DHA, an all-natural chemical that is capable of browning your skin’s uppermost layer without UV light exposure. Because DHA is extracted from plants, you don’t have to worry that it is going to leave your skin with itchy rashes.

Because DHA takes a few hours to develop, the manufacturer has added a bronzing ingredient to instantly leave your skin stained. You have to choose from among the three different tan shades when buying the kit – dark, medium to ultra dark. It is generally a good idea to go for something close to your natural skin color in order to end up with the most realistic effect.

Once the golden-brown shade is already evident, it’s time to grab the third bottle in the set. It contains the tan maintainer so that you may enjoy the stunning color for up to a week long. This works by keeping your skin cells hydrated, delaying the natural process of exfoliation. Applying the maintainer on a regular basis allows you to enjoy the perfect long-lasting tan.

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