Be Attractive With Sun Tan Lotion

Beautifully bronzed tan is the best make up you can imagine. Everything looks so much better. Legs appear longer and tighter, small irregularities are hard to notice, and you can positively feel more confident. It is easy to get tanned during summer, but you can also have lovely sun-kissed skin all year round. You just have to choose appropriate sun tan lotion.

Fake tan lotions come in many variations. They provide natural-looking bronze nuances, without exposing your skin to harmful sun rays. Most of good quality products contain DHA, a component that reacts with outer skin layer, creating temporary coloration. The color lasts for maybe a week or so, gradually fading, but you can always apply another layer when needed.

Sunless tan lotions are quite easy to apply, but if you want to achieve really impeccable results, it is advisable to visit one of those airbrush tanning salons. Tanning booths can also be quite effective. It is important to exfoliate your skin before this treatment. Of course, you can apply your favorite product in your own bathroom, but you might need some assistance with hard to reach areas.

After only a few days spent on the beach, your skin will get lovely shade, and it will be less sensitive. Even so, you should always apply one good sunblock product when exposing your skin to dangerous sun rays. Some fake tan lotions contain some level of UVA protection, but some don’t, and you need to use the highest sunblock in this case.

Bronzers are quite popular, and you may use them to emphasize your natural color, or to make your fake tan more natural looking. Some products contain bronzers, and some sun screens contain special additives to intensify your color. If you use such products during your sunbathing, you will tan much quicker. Bronzers can be liquid or in powder, and may contain UVA protection as well.

Overnight lotions take a few hours to develop the color. They should be applied in the evening. After you take your shower the next morning, you will be perfectly tanned. Make sure to use good quality moisturizers. The color will fade gradually, and you can apply another layer when you think it is needed. You have to ex foliate before applying it.

When you need to get tanned right away, use one good quality instant tanner. Some are washable, and some will provide lovely shade that lasts for a few days. They can be combined with bronzers, for even more attractive results. If you have damaged or especially dry skin on your heels and elbows, pay special attention to these areas. Wipe away all excessive paint from them, and in more serious cases, mix the lotion with a little bit of moisturizer.

The fact is that you can be tanned whenever you want, and feel more confident all year round, why not. Why should you be pale the first day on the beach if you would rather be tanned instead. There are so many great products today, designed to make your skin impeccable and attractive. Besides, most of these products are really affordable.

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