All Aboard The Micro Engineering Express

This was a company that first got started in 1964, and its original name was Rail Craft Products. Robert Rands started off with a lifelong passion for model trains, but in the beginning, it was nothing more than a hobby for him. As he continued with this hobby, it soon became his passion, and from that passion sprang a business called Micro Engineering Company that brings the joy of model railroading to people all over the world.

The narrow gauge track that this company first offered was something that was specially designed by Bob Rands himself. He started to notice that HOn3 trains needed a different prototype of track both so that the trains could run better and so the track was a better representation of the actual track that it is modeled after. This company was the first one ever to manufacture this product, and this was also the first product that the company offered.

In the early days of Rail Craft Products, there were only a few products to choose from. However, their product range quickly grew and grew, starting off with the creation and manufacturing of the popular Code 55 rail. This led to many other sizes of tracks being offered, finally coming to the Flex-Trak, a very popular line, and eventually led to the company changing its name to represent a more diverse range of products.

This is a company that has the spirit of family to back it up. Bob was soon joined by one of his sons, Ron, in 1972 because he too shared the same love that his father had for model trains. Another son of his, Richard, also joined the company in 1981. Although he later left in 1997 so he could pursue other aspirations, he left a lasting mark on the company with many of the product he helped to develop, which are still available.

This company moved into a bigger building in 1984. This was so they could develop new products and offer the wide range that they do today. Their new tool and die shop contains equipment like CNC milling machines, tooling, and injection molding machines.

Companies that have been around for a long time are more experienced and more able to serve the many needs of their customers. Since this company has been around for over 50 years, they have plenty of experience. Through all of those decades, Bob has still led the business with all of the enthusiasm that he had when he first started out.

There are so many benefits of building models of all shapes and sizes. One of the thing that people love about it is that it is relaxing, and it is also something that can be enjoyed with family members. Building and setting up these models is also very good for fine motor coordination.

There is no end to the possibilities when someone is putting together their own model railroad. The businesses, foliage, bridges, and everything else that can be imagined that are available from this company can completely transform what all started out as raw materials and truly bring it all to life. It is so much fun to see how a railroad transforms as more pieces are added and customized.

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