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Once upon a time, tattoos were mostly reserved for sailors and soldiers. Later on, some other groups, for example, motorcyclists and gang members also adopt a habit of decorating their skin with pictures and signs. Today, this is a much more common thing. Nevertheless, there are more and more people who regret having their body permanently decorated. Several tattoo removal Leesburg FL clinics offer these services.

The fact is that some tattoos really are true works of art. On the other hand, some are terrible, and it’s no wonder people would rather have them removed. Especially when they have tattooed themselves when they were drunk, for example. In this case, the list of strange and embarrassing results is really long.

Whatever your reason for making your tattoo in a first place were, now you have the opportunity to change your mind and get rid of it. Laser treatments can make it go away, but it won’t be quick, easy or cheap, you have to be aware of these facts. Depending on several factors, including size, position, and color intensity and so on, six to ten treatments might be necessary.

Tattoo removal procedure uses several light lengths for removing color pigments. In fact, these laser beams break these pigments into smaller pieces, and after each treatment the picture will become less visible. The number or required treatments will depend on the size of your body decoration, of its position, number of colors used and their intensity.

The whole process of removing your body arts may be less or more painful, just as it was the process of making them. Some people have more sensitive skin, and while some may experience only a small discomfort, for others it might be much more uncomfortable. Even so, anesthesia is rarely necessary, although there are some topical anesthesia creams that can be applied.

Another important thing is where your body art is placed. Areas with better circulation react faster and colors will soon fade away. Poor circulated areas need more time. Ankles are especially sensitive in the first place, and this is area with not so good circulation. That’s why they might require more time and effort, and it could also be more painful. Even so, a large number of people find this procedure not too painful.

There are some other factors that have to be considered. Professional works have even depth, and that makes them easier to remove. On the other hand, such works also tend to have more pigments. Poorly done works use less pigments, but they can also require more treatments, because they affect different skin layers. In any case, your doctor will give you more info about this.

You should expect some level of redness, uncomfortable pain, skin sensitivity and even inflammation after your first treatment. It’s really important to follow your doctor’s recommendations, to apply prescribed creams and to avoid exposing your skin to sun. Be very careful when selecting the right person to do this job. Find trained medical specialist, experienced and dependable.

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