‘Christian conservative’ Republican arrested for stealing from his church and threatening his family

Authorities in North Carolina have arrested an elected local GOP leader on a stream of charges, the Winston-Salem Journal reported Tuesday evening.

“Nathan Tabor, a former chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party who unsuccessfully ran for Congress, is in the Brunswick County jail, accused of stealing motor-vehicle parts and cyberstalking, among numerous other felony and misdemeanor offenses,” the newspaper reported. “Those charges include allegations that he made threats against his mother-in-law and other family members in Catawba County in an attempt to get more than $200,000 and that he harassed his pastor in Forsyth County, accusing the pastor of embezzling money from the church and making sexually-explicit comments to both the pastor and his wife.”

As of publication, the Brunswich Detention Center inmate roster showed John Nathan Tabor is being held on $75,000 bond.

“Tabor has unsuccessfully run for the 6th Congressional District seat and a seat on the Town of Kernersville Board of Alderman. Tabor, 48, has been an active presence in local Republican politics, serving as the chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party from 2009 to 2012. He described himself as a Christian conservative in his political activities,” the newspaper explained. “Tabor has had financial difficulties. He filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2018. And he lost his broker’s license this year, according to online records from the N.C. Real Estate Commission.”

Tabor’s estranged wife also reportedly filed for temporary custody of their daughter and the newspaper obtained a copy of the complaint.

“Defendant has become addicted to drugs, spending thousands and thousands of dollars on drugs,” she alleged. “Defendant is mentally and emotionally abusive to the minor child, including sending email implying the minor child will burn in hell, and ‘I curse that and pray every time you see or touch something you enjoy that you immediately get sick.'”