Trump holdover sues to block Biden from giving her the boot for allegedly disclosing classified info: report

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that a Trump Department of Defense appointee suspended by the Biden administration is suing to try to reinstate her job.

“Katie Arrington was chief information security officer for the acquisition and sustainment office of the Defense Department, but her superiors notified her on May 11 that ‘her security clearance for access to classified information is being suspended.’ The reason: ‘A reported Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information and subsequent removal of access by the National Security Agency,'” reported Blake Montgomery. “Since then, Arrington says, she has had no chance to respond to the allegations and the Pentagon has not made any moves toward completing its investigation of the suspected intel leak.”

Arrington was the Republican nominee for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District in 2018, unseating scandal-plagued Rep. Mark Sanford in a primary only to lose in an upset to Democrat Joe Cunningham. Republicans would retake this seat in 2020.

The Biden administration has removed a number of other Trump appointees from various advisory boards, including friends, campaign officials, and right-wing talk radio hosts.

In other news Tuesday, a Pro-Trump candidate suggested taking “all the boats of of the water” to lower sea levels. WATCH:

Pro-Trump candidate suggests taking ‘all the boats out of the water’ to lower sea levels