Trump CDC director reveals withdrawal of staff in China made it harder for US as COVID first began

President Donald Trump took many steps in the early days of his administration to eliminate science experts that could have helped give the United States a head start on the coronavirus pandemic.

Last March, Reuters reported that slashing funds to the CDC staff in China ahead of the outbreak meant that by the time the pandemic was first beginning, the CDC staff in China was reduced from 47 to just 14.

“The four people, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the losses included epidemiologists and other health professionals,” Reuters reported at the time.

During the CNN “autopsy” on the failures of the coronavirus pandemic, doctors involved, even those working for Trump, agreed that they didn’t have access to information on the ground that they needed.

“We tried to get into Wuhan to get a few questions answered, is it transmissible or asymptomatic?” asked former Trump CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield. “I told them I was concerned of human and human transferable.”

Redfield said that those in China said that they didn’t see human-to-human transmission. That proved to be incorrect.

“I would say by the 5th of January, I told him he had to go out in the community and look for people that have unspecified pulmonary illness that didn’t go to the sea market,” he continued. “He did that, and that evening he was quite distraught. He came to the conclusion that the cat was out of the bag.”

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